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Below is a list of nationalist meetings and demonstrations in America.




  • September 1930 - Field day of 500 hooded and robed Klansmen assemble at Peekskill, New York.
  • January 9, 1931 - First Anti-Communist Mass Meeting is held in Carnegie Hall, New York City. Seventy-six different organizations with a combined 300 chapters participated in the event. A second meeting was held the following year.[4]
  • September 2-4, 1933 - Three day convention of the Ku Klux Klan in Freeport, Long Island, New York.
  • May 17, 1934 - 20,000 German-Americans rally in support of DAWA at Madison Square Garden.
  • Summer 1934 - Eleven nationalist leaders met in Lincoln-Turner Hall, Chicago. Those in attendance included Peter Gissibl, leader of the Chicago local of the German-American Bund; Harry A. Jung, director of the American Vigilant Intelligence Federation; and an Englishman by the name of Strath-Gordon. Two others believed to have attended were Colonel E. N. Sanctuary, head of the American Christian Defenders, and Colonel E. M. Hadley, national president of The Paul Reveres. The formation of a United Front was discussed but little came from the meeting.[5]
  • July 1, 1934 - National convention of Friends of the New Germany




Someday, in the not distant future, the men who are responsible for this (the deliberate attempt to misinform and confuse our people) will be called to account by an aroused and enlightened nation. The attempt to involve our country in war by subterfuge and propaganda is not a crime to be passed over lightly. - Charles A. Lindbergh
  • September 1941 - German American Bund convention in Chicago
  • September 11, 1941 - Lindbergh gives his famous Des Moines, Iowa speech where he identifies the Jews as one group pushing for war.
The three most important groups who have been pressing this country toward war are the British, the Jewish and the Roosevelt administration.




A Nationalist Convention meets in Chicago at the Atlantic Hotel sponsored by Conde McGinley of Common Sense and Lyrl Clark Van Hyning of Women’s Voice. Delegates numbered 179 representing 80 different organizations with various agendas..[45] Those in attendance included Elizabeth Dilling,[46] Col. Eugene Sanctuary, Myron Fagan,[47] F. C. Sammons, William J. O’Brian, Merwin K. Hart, Upton Close, Kenneth Goff, W. Henry MacFarland, Allen Zoll, Jessica Payne, Suzanna S. Stevenson, Cong. Ralph Gwinn, Cong. Howard Buffett, and George Foster who presided over all the sessions.[48]
Gerald L.K. Smith and his associates were noticeably absent from the official Nationalist Convention. Across town Smith was holding a rival convention in the Gold Room of the Congress Hotel and drew a crowd of 500 people.[49] The Smith faction passed a series of resolutions but split as to whether or not to form a third party. A breakaway group of the Smith faction eventually decided to form the Constitution Party officially holding a meeting the next month in August.[50]
A third faction--consisting of a little more than fifty people--also held their convention at the Como-Inn Restaurant and Hall in Chicago sponsored by Joseph Beauharnais of the White Circle League and John W. Hamilton of the Citizens Protective Association with the stated purpose of forming a new organization called the NAAWP: National Association for the Advancement of White People--basically a copy of the NAACP.[51] The new organization was to be formed by the consolidation of several existing groups. The proposed idea failed; however, the following year Bryant Bowles started a NAAWP group on his own in Washington DC. Those in attendance were Peter Xavier of the National Security League, George D. Higgins of the The Liberty Party, Mrs. Ed C. Alumbaugh of The Spider, Richard Hamel,[52] and Daniel Kurtz of New York Anti-Communist League. Other groups represented were the National Patrick Henry Organization, the Christian Civil League of America, and The White Party of America a Chicago-based group affiliated with the White Circle League.





  • January 16, 1965 - Annual Conference of the Citizens’ Councils of America held in Montgomery, Alabama.
  • May 15, 1965 - 6,000 attend a UKA North Carolina Klan rally in support of the accused killers of Viola Liuzzo, a northern civil rights worker. CBS News films the event to be included in their documentary on the Klan.
  • August 14, 1966 - UKA rally at Memorial Auditorium in Raleigh, North Carolina. 3,000 people attended protected by 300 policemen from across the state.
  • October 30, 1966 - Robert DePugh of the Minutemen speaks at the Embassy Auditorium in Los Angeles addressing a 200-member meeting of the Patriotic Party.
  • January 6-7, 1967 - Liberty Lobby's Board of Policy first national convention meets in Washington DC. at the Sheraton Park Hotel. Over 300 people attended.[71]
  • December 10, 1967 - Grand Dragon James Spears of the United Klans of America holds a rally on the steps of the State Capitol in Montgomery Alabama.
  • May 1968 - 3,500 Klansmen met at a United Klans of America gathering in Tuscaloosa, Alabama at the Ramada Inn.
  • January 25 or 29, 1969 - National Youth Alliance meeting at Conley’s Motel near Monroeville Penneslavania where National Socialist supporters along with Willis Carto stage a coup and gain control of the group from the young conservatives.[72]
  • February 1, 1969 - National Youth Alliance (anti-Carto faction) meet in Manhattan at the Taft Hotel. C.B. Baker editor of Statecraft and Dennis McMahon NYA National Vice-Chairman spoke at the meeting. Over twenty representatives from nearby colleges attended the meeting.[73] New York City media were present and covered the meeting.
  • June 7-8, 1969 - National convention of the National States Rights Party held in Jacksonville, Florida


The first National Alliance Convention, held here over Labor Day weekend (Sept 2-3), was a real success in building the NA as an organization. Intelligent, serious and dedicated participants came from as far away as California, Texas and Canada.
The Convention program included reports by National Alliance activists, a feature film presentation, a closing banquet dinner, and seven speeches by NA staff members: Mark Weber examined the cultural crisis of our age, and discussed the right of the Alliance to speak for America. Ted O'Keefe analyzed historical lessons for our revolutionary era, and discussed the outlines of the new order the NA is working to build. Nick Camerota's spirited address on the challenge of recruiting was particularly well received.
Dr. William Pierce, head of the Alliance, was greeted before he began his first speech with a standing ovation. The world view of the NA, he said, sees man as part of an organic whole acting in harmony with Nature by contributing to the development of his race. Only a self-consistent spiritual philosophical foundation rooted in natural law, he stressed, can insure that social political changes will be of lasting benefit.
In his "State of the Alliance" address, Dr. Pierce explained why recruiting efforts for the present are aimed at capable and idealistic potential activists and not at "the masses." The Alliance is not yet large enough to reach and help Majority working class victims of the System seeking relief, he said.
Before the Convention ended, many useful suggestions were discussed for recruiting new supporters and improving the monthly newspaper, National Vanguard.

(From Instauration November 1978, page 24)




  • January 26-27, 2002 - The First International Conference on Global Problems of World History, held in Moscow, Russia[86]
  • June 22, 2002 - the 14th IHR Conference, in Irvine, California.
  • August 24, 2002 - "Tax Payers Against Terrorism" (anti-Israel) sponsored by the National Alliance in cooperation with other White nationalist groups march on Washington.[87] The FBI estimated over one thousand activists participated in the demonstration.[88]
  • March 13–14, 2004 - Willis A. Carto is the main speaker at the Health and Freedom Rally, Irvine, California[89]
  • May 29, 2004 - New Orleans Protocol conference held in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • May 20-22, 2005 - European American Conference in New Orleans [8]
  • November 7-9, 2008 - International EURO Conference in Memphis [9]
  • March 19, 2012 - American Renaissance Conference Held in Tennessee
  • 2017 Unite the Right event


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