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The United Klans of America Inc. (UKA), based in Alabama, was one of the largest Ku Klux Klan organizations. Leftist Wikipedia alleges associations between members and crimes. It is also listed as a COINTELPRO target, which may make various claims problematic.

SPLC lawsuit

The acquittal of a black man accused of shooting a white police officer in Alabama was the reason given by the murderers for the 1981 lynching of Michael Donald, who was apparently randomly selected. Two Klan members were convicted of the murder. One of these escaped the death penalty on the condition that he testified against others and became the star witness for the prosecution.

In 1984, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) brought a civil lawsuit on behalf Donald's family against the United Klans of America for being responsible in the lynching of Donald. The original complaint was considered too vague to hold up, but Judge Alex T. Howard Jr. helped refine the legal theory of "agency," which held the Klan accountable for the acts of its members. This prevented the case from being dismissed before it could go to the jury. No evidence was presented showing that the organization had ordered the murder. Reportedly, the father of one of the murderers, a high-ranking Klan official, had at a klan meeting vaguely stated that "If a black man can get away with killing a white man, we ought to be able to get away with killing a black man." The organization was ordered to pay $7 million and was bankrupted.

A stated unrelated organization has more recently used the name.

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