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Robert Edward Miles also known as Bob Miles (January 28, 1925August 16, 1992) was pastor of the Mountain Kirk and a leader of the Ku Klux Klan. Robert Miles grew up in the Washington Heights area of New York City and graduated from George Washington High School in 1940. In the 1980s he organized the Free Association Forum and held nationalist meetings at his farm in Cohoctah, Michigan.

As a young teenager he was part of the Youth Battalions of White Russian Fascist forces led by Anastasy Vonsyatsky which were based in Connecticut. He was involved in street battles along side the German American Bund and Christian Mobilizers against the Young Communist League in New York’s Union Square. When the Hitler-Stalin Pact was signed he volunteered for the Free French Army thinking at the time the alliance between National Socialist Germany and the Soviet Union was genuine and lasting. After his service with the French army he returned to the United States in 1942.

During World War II he served with the United States Navy in the Philippines. After the war, He married and moved to Cohoctah, Michigan.

He campaigned for George Wallace during the 1968 presidential race. He became Grand Dragon and national chaplain of the United Klans of America in 1969. Miles was sentenced to nine years in federal prison in 1973 for planning an attack on empty school buses that were to be used in a racial busing program, after six years was was released from prison. He returned to Michigan and lived on his farm, which became a gathering place right wing leaders. Miles was pastor of the Mountain Church (Mountain Kirk), which preached Dualism. He published a newsletter called From The Mountain until 1989.


  • 33/5: A Field Manual on Racial Organization

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