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Metapedia — Holding down the metapolitical front since 2006.

Metapedia is growing — and we need your help to keep it that way

In the Internet Age, the control of information is vital for enacting political and cultural change.

Metapedia is the only major encyclopedia to challenge the mainstream narratives proliferating across the media landscape. Since its founding in 2006, Metapedia has developed sections in 16 different languages, encompassing hundreds of thousands of articles on every important topic under the sun. It stands today as an uncompromising and irreplaceable fount of information, and education, from a pro-European worldview.

If you value the Metapedia project — if you have ever preferred to seek information on Metapedia, rather than on the host of other encyclopedias populating the web — if you have ever learned something new from our project, or found information on our site that you would not have come across otherwise — then please show your support by making a Bitcoin donation to us (click for more information).

We will post updates on the progress of the fundraiser here and on our official Facebook page: We thank you for your support.

The Internet is the foremost field in the metapolitical battle of our time. Help us hold down the front.

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