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Manfred Roeder (6 February 1929 – 30 July 2014) was a German lawyer and nationalist. He was sentenced several times for various crimes.

He was sentenced to 13 years in prison in 1982 and classified as a terrorist, for stated planning of seven bomb attacks on foreigners that took two lives. Two other individuals were given life sentences for carrying out the attacks. Politically correct sources often do not mention the defendants view on this, such as Roeder stating that "'The (bombings) were not the fruits of my ideas.'" and one of those convicted of carrying out the bombings stating that "'I did not want to kill anyone, but just to frighten them.'"[1]

In 1997, the British current affairs program Panorama said that in 1995, Roeder had appeared, by invitation, as a speaker at the German military's officer training academy in Hamburg. This scandal, as well as the fact that Roeder had received financial donations from the military, led to the sacking of the academy's commander.

Roeder was a revisionist, including Holocaust revisionism, wrote a preface to Thies Christophersen's book on Auschwitz, and was at least once sentenced for "Holocaust denial".

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