Manfred Roeder

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Manfred Roeder
Manfred Roeder2.jpg
Born 6 February 1929
Nationality German
Occupation revisionist, lawyer

Manfred Roeder (born on February 6, 1929 in Berlin) is a former lawyer, revisionist and political activist.


Roeder was raised in a boarding school in Plön. As one of the youngest regular soldiers he participated in 1945 in the battle for the defense of the city Berlin, the capital at the time. After the Second World War he was occasionally a member of the CDU. But he left that party and became involved in the national movement and established in 1971 "Deutsche Bürgerinitiative", which still exists today. He also established relations with foreign national and national socialistic groups. Because of his world view, Roeder, again and again, came into conflict with the FRG laws. In particular, the laws concerning the so-called "resistance against the authority of the state" and alleged injury. But he did not let himself to be intimidated and therefore continued his activities. In 1980, with support from the media, a prosecution against him was initiated based on an alleged attack. He was sentenced to 13 years in jail. In 1988, Daniel Cohn-Bendit gave the jailed Manfred Roeder a forum in his periodical ""PflasterStrand". In 1990, because of good conduct, he was released out of custody.

Even after that, Roeder remained faithful to his world view and his political way of acting. In 1996, he acted against the at that time through the FRG touring anti Wehrmacht exhibition. Together with other activists, he carried out a paint-attack against the exhibits there. Because of alleged property damage, Roeder was convicted to pay a fine of 4500 DM.

The television program ' 'panorama' ' started in 1997 an agitation campaign against Roeder. In 1997 Roeder was candidate of the NPD. Manfred Roeder lives in Germany and has six children.

Roeders political views

Roeder openly states that he positively evaluates the National Socialistic period in Germany. He sees himself as a National Socialist, who takes into account the facts of today. He rejects the FRG system. Again and again Roeder emphasizes that only an offensive political activity can end the FRG system.

Internationally, Roeder advocates a future close partnership with Russia vis-à-vis the US-Israeli-western block.

Other convictions

  • jail because of "Incitement of the people"
  • in September 2004 ten months in jail because of "Defamation of the country"
  • in February 2004 another conviction for the same.
  • 2009 "Incitement of the people" because of an "incriminating" text written by Roeder.

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