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Thies Christophersen, (born January 27 1918 - died 13 February 1997) was stationed at Auschwitz from January, 1944 to December, 1944. He worked at sub-camp Raisko growing a type of dandelion which produced a white latex used in the production of synthetic rubber. As well as about two hundred women internees who lived at Raisko itself, the work was done by women inmates from Birkenau, located about 2 km. away, and men from the main camp of Auschwitz, located about 1 km. away. Christophersen supervised their work. There were civilian employees as well including Russian agronomists. Many of the internees were academics who spoke German.[1]

He wrote the book The Auschwitz lie in 1973 which stated that he saw no evidence of the alleged gas killings and described the treatment of the camp prisoners as good. The book has been prohibited in Germany as illegal "Holocaust denial". Christophersen was sentenced to imprisonment and served one year of a one and a half year sentence in 1985. He eventually fled Germany and lived in several other countries. He testified at Ernst Zündel's Holocaust trials in Canada.

A frequent criticism is that Christophersen was not stationed at Auschwitz-Birkenau itself but at a sub-camp outside. However, apart from having contacts with many individuals from Birkenau, he testified that he had himself made visits to Birkenau and nearby locations where he could go freely as he was wearing the uniform of an officer. Christophersen stated he knew Birkenau had crematories and had seen them from the outside. But he never saw smoke or flames shooting out of the chimneys nor did he ever smell the alleged stench of human bodies.[1]

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