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See the article on The Holocaust for the main description of Holocaust revisionism

Historical revisionism is the critical reexamination of historical facts, with an eye towards rewriting histories with either newly discovered information or a reinterpretation of existing information. The assumption is that history as it has been traditionally told may not be entirely accurate.

In one of his most important essays, Revisionism and the Promotion of Peace, Harry Elmer Barnes, one of the founders of Historical revisionism wrote, "Revisionism means nothing more or less than the effort to correct the historical record in the light of a more complete collection of historical facts, a more calm political atmosphere, and a more objective attitude."

A common form of historical revisionism is Holocaust revisionism but there are many other forms of historical revisionism. Both regarding other aspects of World War Two and regarding non-World Wars topics. See also Revisionist views on the causes of the World Wars.

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