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The Institute for Historical Review (IHR) is an American organization founded in 1978. Originally, it was a very influential revisionist, especially Holocaust revisionist, organization. More recently, it has been criticized for various reasons by revisionists, such as internal conflicts and inactivity regarding revisionism.

It was established by Willis Carto and various revisionists, after Holocaust revisionism had already gained considerable momentum due to early revisionist publications by various authors.[1]

The influential Journal of Historical Review was published between 1980 and 2002.

The organization organized several conferences with many prominent revisionists. The last one was apparently in 2004, except for later minor ones, such as evening gatherings on occasion of the presence of some more or less prominent speaker.[1]

In 2009, following a series of internal conflicts, decreasing revisionist activity and becoming increasingly irrelevant, Mark Weber, the IHR's director, published a Holocaust revisionist lite article, also claiming that Holocaust revisionism had had little influence (ignoring the role of the decline of the IHR itself in this) and instead advocated that focus should be shifted to issues such as criticizing "Jewish-Zionist power", conveniently providing an excuse for the revisionist inactivity and irrelevance of the IHR.

Regarding various criticisms by revisionists, see the "External links" section.

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