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Mark Weber

Mark Edward Weber (born October 9, 1951) is an American revisionist historian and current director of the Institute for Historical Review (IHR).


Mark Weber at the ‘London Forum’ event, held on Saturday 11 April 2015[1]

Weber was born in Portland, Oregon, in 1951. He studied history at the University of Illinois (Chicago), the University of Munich (Germany), and Portland State University, from where he received a bachelor's degree in history (with high honors). He then did graduate work in history at Indiana University (Bloomington), where he served as a history instructor and received a Master's degree in European history.

He lived and worked for two and one-half years in Germany (Bonn and Munich), and for a time in Ghana (West Africa), where he taught English, history, and geography at an all-Black secondary school. Weber moved to Washington DC in 1978 and began his research into the Holocaust issue at the National Archives and the Library of Congress. He has authored over a hundred articles relating to "Holocaust" claims. In 1988 he testified during the second Zündel trial in Toronto as a recognized expert witness on Germany's wartime Jewish policy and the Holocaust issue.

In January 1991, he moved to southern California to work with the Institute for Historical Review (IHR), being an editor since 1992. Since 1995 Weber has been director of the Institute for Historical Review, which until the early 2000s was a leading revisionist history educational center and publisher based in southern California. The takeover of the organisation from Willis Carto and Liberty Lobby had led to a long standing feud within the American revisionist and patriot community. For nine years he was editor of the IHR's former Journal of Historical Review. He is the author of many articles, reviews and essays dealing with historical, political and social issues, which have appeared in a variety of periodicals, and in a range of languages.

When the IHR ceased publishing new revisionist material in 2002, Weber redirected his focused on being a guest on numerous radio talk shows."[2] In 2009 Weber caused a controversy with his article "How Relevant is Holocaust Revisionism?"[3] arguing that in the past 30 years holocaust revisionism had little impact on the Jewish-Zionist power structure--suggesting efforts to correct the historical record has been a waist of time.


  • "Around the world awareness is growing that the ‘Holocaust' campaign is a major weapon in the Jewish-Zionist arsenal, that it is used to justify otherwise unjustifiable Israeli policies, and as a powerful tool for blackmailing enormous sums of money from Americans and Europeans." – Weber in: "An Open Letter to Fourteen Arab Intellectuals," 2001
  • "...If I'm 'courageous,' what do you call Mark Weber and the Institute for Historical Review? They have been smeared far worse than I have; moreover, they have been seriously threatened with death. Their offices have been firebombed. Do they at least get credit for courage? Not at all. They remain almost universally vilified. When I met Mark, many years ago, I expected to meet a raving Jew-hating fanatic, such being the generic reputation of 'Holocaust deniers.' I was immediately and subsequently impressed to find that he was just the opposite: a mild-mannered, good-humored, witty, scholarly man who habitually spoke with restraint and measure, even about enemies who would love to see him dead. The same is true of other members of the Institute. In my many years of acquaintance with them, I have never heard any of them say anything that would strike an unprejudiced listener as unreasonable or bigoted."Joseph Sobran, who for years was a nationally syndicated columnist and a National Review senior editor, about Weber and the IHR at the 2002 IHR Conference

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