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Kevin Alfred Strom

Kevin Alfred Strom (born August 17, 1956 in Anchorage, Alaska) is the current media director of the National Alliance and founder of the Alliance's radio program American Dissident Voices.

Background and Education

In Alaska Kevin Alfred Strom first grew up along with his parents who were of Norwegian ancestry. The father had been stationed in Anchorage as a Master Seargent of the US Air Force.

1963 the family moved to Washington, D.C. In this town he later got impressions regarding the Jewish instigated Civil Rights Movement and communist demonstrations against the Vietnam War.

As a boy Kevin Alfred was interested in electronics and at age 16 he became a radio amateur. He later studied at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia and eventually got a qualification as a radio engineer, in which profession he is working until today.

John Birch Society

The search for answers to political questions led Kevin Alfred Strom first to the seemingly patriotic John Birch Society. Soon he left the organization as he realized that out of Political Correctness they tabooed thinking and speaking of race.

National Alliance

1981/82 he met William Pierce. This came out as formative for his further life. Pierce became his teacher and revealed a comprehensive worldview to him which was grounded on a biological and racial basis, including religious (non-Christian) thought (→ Cosmotheism). It evolved as a consequence that after Pierce in 1974 had founded the National Alliance, Kevin Alfred Strom grew into a leading position in this organization; in 1991 he became a full-time employee. He launched the weekly broadcasting program American Dissident Voices for the National Alliance. [1] In 1995 he founded the magazine Free Speech for the publication of texts of the National Alliance. Today articles can be found on the internet. (→ National Vanguard).

In 2002 Alliance founder William Pierce appointed Strom media director of the National Alliance.

After quarrels within the National Alliance in April 2005 Strom founded a breakaway group, named National Vanguard after the Alliance's periodical. However, the group was short-lived, and most members had left by January 2007. Strom's incessant and relentless commitment to the cause of the Alliance led to criminal persecution and false accusations since the 1990s, but could not prevent him from doing his work. In January 2007 things culminated in a character assassination snares plot against him with bogus allegations of unlawful acts. For that his estranged second wife allied herself to political persecution authorities to perform a retaliation campaign. In January 2007 Strom was arrested and charged. While he was able to defeat some charges, he pled guilty to others in 2008 in order to obtain a speedy release, and was free by August of that year. Outside of legal proceedings he protested his innocence throughout.[2]

Following Strom's release, he resurrected National Vanguard as a website in October 2008. In December 2013 he resurrected American Dissident Voices. Still more significantly, with the original National Alliance moribund under Erich Gliebe's control, in Strom's initial broadcast he announced the re-formation of the National Alliance under the leadership of longtime Memership Coordinator and former Green Beret Will Williams, with Strom directing its media. The new group appears to be Cosmotheist and reinsert passages highlighting conflicts between Alliance philosophy and Christianity into the Membership Handbook. He also announced the construction of a new Alliance headquarters located, like the original, in Eastern Tennessee.[3]

After Gliebe's resignation Strom today is the ideological backbone of the National Alliance, as chairman Will Williams put it. He is also the editor of members' magazine National Alliance Bulletin . In addition he continuously writes essays for his own website.[4]

Personal Life

Kevin Alfred Strom is father of three children and engaged to National Alliance member Vanessa Neubauer.[5] Personal interests are in particular art and photography.

Strom is also editor and administrator of the scientific and literary legacy of Professor of Philology, writer and fighter for White Culture Revilo P. Oliver (1908-1994). This is due to personal ties and days of common struggle for the cause of the National Alliance. In 2002 Strom published Olivers work The Jewish Strategy . Kevin Alfred Strom has created a website on the legacy of Revilo P. Oliver.[6]

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