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Kevin Alfred Strom (b. 17 August 1956 in Anchorage, Alaska) is a longtime member of the National Alliance and the founder of their radio--now Internet--program American Dissident Voices.

Personal life

Strom has four children, three with his first wife, Kirsten Kaiser.


  • "The greatest and most beautiful things of this Earth have been made by White people. We should love ourselves. We should love the Life Force that moves in us, and has made us what we are — a unique life stream like no other, and with a destiny that is ours alone. [...] Love Your Race. Everything depends on it. And nothing else matters." (2015)
  • "The words 'ANTI-SEMITISM' and 'anti-Semite' are the way Jews call White people 'niggers'. These attack words are meant to shame those who have noticed and spoken out about the parasitic or other bad behaviors of Jews." (It’s All Biological, part 3, 20 August 2016)

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