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Patriotism is, as the term is used currently, love for or devotion to one's country.


Patriotism derives from Latin "Patriota", in turn from Greek "patriotes", meaning fellow contrymen, in turn from "patris", meaning Fatherland, and from "pather", meaning father.

The early usage of the term, and the terms it derives from, are examples of ethnic/racial groups loyalties often being compared to loyalties to relatives, which may be related to genetic similarities. See the article on Racial genetic interests.

Current usage

The current usage of the term does not necessarily imply support for ethnic/racial nationalism, as many countries are not ethnically/racially homogeneous.

Instead, many multi-ethnic/racial countries try to increase support for some form of civic nationalism and associated patriotism. Even such patriotism is often criticized by globalists, cosmopolitans, supporters of multiculturalism, and so on.

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