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American Dissident Voices (ADV) is the weekly Internet radio program of the National Alliance. On December 28, 1991 American Dissident Voices debuted as a shortwave radio program initiated by its founder Kevin Alfred Strom, a longtime National Alliance member and broadcast engineer.[1] Strom would write and record all of the programs and arrange American shortwave stations to broadcast them the following week in a 30 minute time spot. Eventually AM and FM stations were added to the mix. At its peak over two dozen radio stations carried the broadcasts.[2]


Kevin Strom produced the programs for the first six years with Dr. William Pierce chairman of the National Alliance appearing on the program usually once a month. In 1997 Dr. Pierce used ADV exclusively to communicate his message to White America--up until his untimely death on July 23, 2002.

Erich Gliebe became the new chairman of the National Alliance and allowed Kevin Strom to continue the ADV broadcasts up until 2005. During this time Gliebe steped aside and appointed Shaun Walker as chairman and Walker took over the ADV broadcasts. In 2006 Shaun Walker was arrested on violation of "civil rights" and resigned as chairman.[3] Gliebe then continued American Dissident Voices on his own but failed to maintain the quality of programming. Gliebe's last American Dissident Voices program was in March 2013.[4] [5]


In December 2013 American Dissident Voices together with a reconstituted National Alliance were relaunched in Laurel Bloomery, Tennessee. Veteran broadcaster Kevin Strom became the media director and Dr. William Pierce’s membership coordinator Will Williams became the National Director of the New National Alliance.[6] Since then, Will Williams has officially replaced Erich Gliebe and has been designated Chairman of the orginal National Alliance with access and control of all the corporate entities of the organization.

Four audio CDs have be issued by the National Alliance featuring past programs of American Dissident Voices. Each CD contains 20 radio addresses by Dr. William Pierce.[7] In addition a video/audio platform on YouTube was established featuring older ADV programs.[8]


During the early years of American Dissident Voices veteran radio commentator Richard Cotten did the intro and closing of the program.[9] He would close with his trademark saying, "Freedom is not free; Free men are not equal, and Equal men are not free".

In 1995 the broadcast texts of the ADV programs began appearing in the National Alliance publication Free Speech.[10] Audio tapes of the programs were sold through National Vanguard Books catalogs.[11] Most of the text and audio of Dr Pierce's broadcasts of American Dissident Voices can be found here: List of American Dissident Voices programs.


In the late 1960s Dr. Pierce wrote and recorded White Power Message, a dial-in phone recording for the NSWPP.[12] [13] These early phone messages can be seen as a preview to Dr. Pierce’s later hard-hitting ADV broadcasts.


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