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The chart below shows the political lineage of American nationalist organizations and individuals. Each organization or individual listed was influenced or inspired by the previous organization or individual listed. Some individuals are listed more than once indicating multiple influences. In some cases important publications or books issued by an organization or author are listed. Important associated links are also noted.

William Joseph Simmons

Invisible Empire, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (1915-1944)
Black Legion (1931)
National Workers' League (1938-1943)
United Sons of America (1943)
See: Lineage of Ku Klux Klan organizations

Henry Ford

The Dearborn Independent (1919-1927)
William J. Cameron associated with the Anglo-Saxon Federation
The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
The International Jew (1920-1922)
American Vigilante Intelligence Federation (1927-1954)
Mid-American Research Library (1954)
American Security Council (1955)
America First Movement (1930s)
Charles Lindbergh and the America First Committee (September 1940-December 1941)
Americanism Defense League (ca. May 1941-1950s)
No Foreign War Committee
Americans for Peace (1942-1944)
Peace Now (1944)
American Action Committee (July, 1945)
American Action, Inc. (January, 1946)
Mothers' Movement (February, 1941)
We, the Mothers, Mobilize for America
Women's Voice (1942-1962)
Women’s League of Political Education
Citizen's Committee to Keep America Out of the War
Citizen's U.S.A. Committee
Republican Nationalist Revival Committee (April, 1943-)

Benito Mussolini

Fascio of New York (-1924)
The Fascist Central Council (1921- July 1925)
Fascist League of North America (1924-1929)
Lictor Federation
Association of Italians Abroad
The Order of Black Shirts (1930)
United States of America Union of Fascists (1934)
Ezra Pound
Eustace Mullins
John Kasper

Adolf Hitler

Teutonia Association (October 12, 1924-1932)
Swastika League of America (1932- )
Edwin Emerson, Jr.
Society of American Friends of Germany (March, 1933)
National Socialist German Labor Party in America (1932-April, 1933)
Friends of New Germany (June 30, 1933-1936)
German Bund (1935-1937)
German Citizens’ League (1937)
American National-Socialist Party (July 1935-)
American National Labor Party (1936)
German American Volksbund (Amerika Deutscher Volksbund) (March 29, 1936-June 3, 1936)
German American Bund (June 3, 1936-December 7, 1941)
National Renaissance Party (1949-1980)
Eustace Mullins
William Dudley Pelley
Silver Legion of America (Silver Shirts, 1933-1941)
Constitution Legion of America (August 1934)
American White Guard (1935)
Christian Party of America (1936)
National Liberty Party
Anti-Communist League of the World
Gerald L. K. Smith
America First Party (1944)
Emory Burke
The Columbians (1946-1947)
J. B. Stoner
Stoner Anti-Jewish Party (1946)
Christian Anti-Jewish Party (1952-1957)
Edward Fields
United White Party (1957-1958)
National States Rights Party (1958-1987) associated with the Ku Klux Klan
American States Rights Party (April, 1964)
National White American Party (1966) (April, 1966)
Henry Lamont Beach
Posse Comitatus (1969)
Ben Klassen
Nationalist White Party (1969-1971)
Creativity Movement
Matthew F. Hale
Francis Parker Yockey
Imperium (1948)
Willis A. Carto
Right (1955-1960)
Western Destiny (1964-1966)
Wilmot Robertson
The Dispossessed Majority (1972)
Instauration (1975-2000)
The Occidental Observer
American Renaissance
The American Mercury
Liberty Lobby (1957-2001)
The Spotlight (1975-2001)
American Free Press (2001-present)
National Youth Alliance (1969-1974)
Youth Action (1971)
Institute for Historical Review (1978-present)
The Barnes Review
Revilo P. Oliver associated with John Birch Society
U.S. Nationalist Party (1960s)
George Lincoln Rockwell
American Nazi Party (1959-1966)
James K. Warner associated with Else Christensen and Odinist Fellowship (1971)
New Christian Crusade Church
United States Nationalist Party (September, 1961)
American National Party (1962-1963)
Karl Allen
White Party of America (1964-)
Matt Koehl
New Order
William Luther Pierce
National Alliance (1974-present)
Kevin Strom
American Dissident Voices
National Vanguard (2006-2007)
The Nationalist Coalition (2006-present)
European Americans United (2007-present)
Will Williams
White Revolution (2002-2011)
Vanguard News Network (2003-present)
The Turner Diaries (1978)
Bob Mathews
Silent Brotherhood (1983-1984)
Women for Aryan Unity (1990-present)
Resistance Records
Erich Gliebe
National Socialist White People's Party (1967-1983)
National Socialist Liberation Front (1969)
Universal Order
National Socialist Movement (American) (1974-present)
American National Socialist Workers Party (2006)
National Socialist Order of America (2007)
White Student Alliance
David Duke
White Youth Alliance (January, 1971)
Nationalist Party
Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (1975)
Louis Beam
Texas Emergency Reserve
Leaderless resistance
Tom Metzger
California Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
White American Political Association
White Aryan Resistance (1983) associated with various Skinhead groups
White Student Union
Aryan Youth Movement
Pan-Aryan Insurgent Network
Thom Robb
Knights Party
National Association for the Advancement of White People
European American Unity and Rights Organization
Don Black
Stormfront (1991-present)
National Socialist Party of America (1970-1994)
NSDAP/AO (American) (ca. 1975)
Carolinian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (1980)
White Patriot Party (1985)
United White People's Party (1974)
National Socialist White Worker's Party (1976)
National Socialist Vanguard (January, 1983)
New Order (1983)

Huey Long

Share Our Wealth Society (February 1934)
Gerald L. K. Smith
America First Party (1944)
Christian Nationalist Party (1948)
Christian Youth for America (1949)
Kenneth Goff
Soldiers of the Cross Training Institute
Dan Gayman
John W. Hamilton
National Citizens Protective Association (1951)
The White Sentinel
Wesley Swift (Christian Identity minister )
Oren F. Potito
William Potter Gale
California Rangers
Posse Comitatus (1969)
Gordon Kahl
Committee of the States (1984)
White Knights of Mississippi
Christian Defense League (1964)
Richard Butler
Aryan Nations
Bob Mathews
Silent Brotherhood (1983-1984)
Father Charles Coughlin
National Union for Social Justice (November 1934-November 1936)
Social Justice (March 1936-1942)
Union Party (1936)
Francis Townsend
Gerald L.K. Smith
Christian Front (1939-1942)
Joe McWilliams
Christian Mobilizers (autumn 1939-spring 1940)
American Destiny Party (spring 1940-)
Unity Party (1940)
Allen Zoll
American Patriots (1936)

George C. Wallace

Asa Carter associated with the White Citizens' Council and John Kasper
Citizen Councils of America
Council of Conservative Citizens
American Independent Party (1968) associated with the United Klans of America and John Birch Society
Willis A. Carto
Youth for Wallace
National Youth Alliance (1969-1974)
Robert E. Miles
Ku Klux Klan, Michigan

International Third Position

American Third Position Party
American Freedom Party (2013)
National Youth Front

French New Right, Nouvelle Droite

Identitarian Movement (late 1960s)
National Policy Institute (2005)
Richard Spencer
Traditionalist Youth Network (2013)
Traditionalist Worker Party‎ (2015)
Nationalist Front (United States) (2016)
Vanguard America (2016)
Patriot Front (2017)
Identity Evropa (2016)
American Identity Movement (2019)

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