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Wilmot Robertson (1915-2005) was the author of The Dispossessed Majority (1972) and The Ethnostate: An Unblinkered Prospectus on the Art of Statecraft (1992) and the publisher of the racialist magazine Instauration.

A publisher description regarding The Dispossessed Majority stated: "Wilmot Robertson is a native Pennsylvanian whose family goes back to colonial times and whose forebears fought on both sides of the Civil War. The author waited for decades for a qualified Majority scholar to write this book. Having waited in vain, he decided to take on the project himself and devoted ten years to it. His credentials are long periods of study in American and foreign universities, three years' overseas service as an army officer in World War II, a varied career in journalism, advertising, and small business and, above all, an overwhelming concern of his people."

A National Vanguard description: "The author, Wilmot Robertson (1915-2005), whose American lineage stretched back to colonial times, was born in Pennsylvania. Raised an Episcopalian, he attended Yale University. After service in the U.S. Army during World War II he enjoyed a successful career in journalism and advertising. Devoting himself to the cause of White survival in his later years, Robertson served as editor of Willis Carto’s magazine Western Destiny in the 1960s. The first edition of The Dispossessed Majority appeared in 1972, when Robertson was 57. Two revised editions appeared subsequently. Three years later the author founded the underground magazine Instauration, which he published monthly without fail for a quarter of a century, from 1975 to 2000 (291 issues, 9,186 pages). Each issue was jam-packed with fascinating information and insightful articles."[1]

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