The Dispossessed Majority

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The Dispossessed Majority (1972), by Wilmot Robertson (Humphrey Ireland), is a major work on the history of race in the USA and the loss of influence and control by the founding stock.

Chronicling a Nation's Decline

The Dispossessed Majority is a chronicle of the demise of the white majority in the United States. The thesis of the book is that the decline was not natural nor an accident; rather it was a "dispossession" by anti-national forces and hostile ethnoreligious pressure groups. As such, the "majority" could no longer speak for itself or pursue its own interests.

What Spurred Publication?

The Dispossessed Majority was written in an era when implicit whiteness was already a nascent reality in the USA: The founding-stock had lost confidence, and had been elbowed out of power in its own country by a multi-ethnic coalition, largely led by Jews, pursuing their own interests.

It was in this climate that Wilmot Robertson, then in his mid-50s, found inspiration to write this seminal work. Robertson had previously written articles for the nationalist magazine published by Willis Carto, Western Destiny.

Influence and Legacy

By the 1990s the book sold over 200,000 copies.[1] Tremendously influential on the racialist political scene of the time, it was compared to Which Way, Western Man, a similar major work.

David Duke has said it was a strong influence on his politics personally, when he read it as a young man. "I think this is the most important book since the Second World War" --David Duke on "The Dispossessed Majority"

The popularity of the book inspired Robertson to begin a journal to continue a dialogue with the large audience he had tapped into. This became a reality in 1975 with the launch of Instauration.

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