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Instauration was a White racialist political journal published by Wilmot Robertson (Humphrey Ireland) from December 1975 to February 2000. In total, 291 issues were published.

Journal For The Dispossessed Majority

Following the wildly-successful publication in 1972 of The Dispossessed Majority, Wilmot Robertson became a "celebrity" among American paleoconservatives and racialists.

Deciding to capitalize on this fame, Robertson began the publication in December 1975. Thousands of paying subscribers made it one of the more successful journals of racialist thought of the late 20th-century. It had its own niche: It was more philosophical than general-audience nationalist newspapers like The Spotlight, and its breezy essays appealed to a more educated audience.

Platform for Racialists

Instauration, during its heydey, served as a platform and rallying point for a number of young racialist thinkers. In the 1970s and 1980s these were being increasingly shut out of increasingly-PC (i.e., anti-racial) publications -- By the 1990s almost no overt racialist writing was allowed in "conservative" journals at all. (See Neoconservatism). By the 1990s, Instauration maintained an impressive readership of 10,000[1].


The journal shut-down down in 2000, apparently because of ill-health of Robertson, by then 85 years old. The last issue of the magazine was dated February 2000.

However, its legacy remains with us today: Many of the writers who got their starts with Instauration went on to become influential racialists in the 1990s and 2000s.

The publication can also be seen as inspiration for other "pop-format" racialist journals, such as American Renaissance, which came later.



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