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Noontide Press began as a publishing company established by Willis Carto in the 1960s. Noontide published Francis Parker Yockey’s Imperium in 1962 and later Myth of the Six Million, one of the first books questioning the Holocaust. In 1964 they published the magazine Western Destiny promoting Yockey’s ideas.[1]

Today Noontide Press is the publishing arm of the Institute for Historical Review and is no longer under the direction of Carto. They offer books from the “politically incorrect” perspective focusing on topics of recent history suppressed or distorted by mainline publishers. Their book titles include historical revisionist interpretations of both World Wars, Communism, Zionism, and National Socialist Germany. Also books relating to racial topics, economics, military history and philosophy are offered.

In 1979 the firm issued a one-time promotional tabloid called The White Student[2]

Published works


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  2. The white student. For a better America (Spring 1979)

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