Liberty Lobby

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Liberty Lobby
Liberty Lobby.png
Political position American nationalism
Leader Curtis B. Dall
Vince Ryan
Founder Willis A. Carto
Country United States
Existence 1960–2001
Headquarters Washington, D.C.
Newspaper Liberty Letter
The Spotlight

Liberty Lobby was a patriotic political advocacy organization which existed in the United States between 1960 and 2001.[1] Founded by Willis A. Carto, Liberty Lobby was established as a conservative anti-Communist group, along the lines of the John Birch Society. The lobby published Liberty Letter, a newsletter which first appeared in 1960.

Liberty Lobby was the subject of much criticism from the Jewish media. Carto, influenced by the writings of Francis Parker Yockey, progressively redefined the public image of Liberty Lobby, increasingly taking on a populist, nationalist and anti-Zionist bent in addition to traditional conservatism as the old anti-Communism of the 1950s and 1960s fell out of favor.


The organization began in 1960 when Carto opened an office in the National Press Club building in Washington DC. Later it would have its own offices downtown at 132 3rd Street S.E. near the United States Capitol.[2] In 1962 Liberty Lobby had a radio program which featured conservative politicians from Capitol Hill called "Congress Calling."

Liberty Letter was first issued by Liberty Lobby November 24, 1960.[3] In 1974 it was replaced by the weekly tabloid The Spotlight which was replaced by a new newspaper, the American Free Press. While Liberty Lobby became defunct in 2001, archives of The Spotlight remain available online.

Liberty Trust

In 1973 Liberty Lobby established Liberty Trust, a silver minting and selling division.[4] From 1973 through 1979 one Troy ounce silver rounds depicting George Washington on the obverse and the Liberty Lobby seal on the reverse were struck. A new Lady Liberty obserse design succeeded the Washington bust in 1980; in that year, a special variety, double-dated 1955-1980 to commemorate the silver anniversary of the conception of Liberty Lobby, was also issued. A third design, depicting Thomas Jefferson, appeared in the 1990s, and remained in production until Liberty Lobby went defunct. A half Troy ounce round with an obverse honoring Andrew Jackson, with the Liberty Lobby shield on the reverse, was also produced during these years.

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