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Joseph Peter Kamp born Joseph William Kamp[1] (May 3, 1900 - June 7, 1993) photo was an American political activist who was jailed in 1950 for four months for being in contempt of Congress stemming from a 1944 campaign activities investigation.[2] He was acquitted of a second contempt charge in relationship with the lobbying activities of the Constitutional Educational League.[3]

Kamp was born 1900 in Yonkers, New York. His father, Joseph Kamp, was a tailor born in Germany. The family arrived in America just before their son was born.

Kamp was an editor and a contributor to The Awakener before the Second World War. He was founder of the American Union for Nationalist Spain.[4]

In the 1950s Kamp issued the publications Headlines and Fact-o-Gram.

In the 1960s he served as a policy advisor to Liberty Lobby.

Kamp was married, wife Mildred, and was an uncle of actor Jon Voight.


Booklets and reports

FBI synopsis of various booklets here

  • The Hell of Herrin Rages Again, Constitutional Educational League, Inc., (1937)
  • Fifth Column in Washington! Reds on YOUR government’s payroll, Constitutional Educational League, Inc., (June, 1940) text The booklet was later retitled as Fifth Column in Washington! Un-Americans on the Government Payroll text
  • Fifth Column in the South, Constitutional Educational League, Inc., (1940)
  • Fifth Column vs. The DIES Committee, Constitutional Educational League, Inc., (1941)
  • Fifth Column Conspiracy in America, With Map and Directory, Constitutional Educational League, Inc., (circa 1941)
  • Why Win The War and Lose What We're Fighting For? Constitutional Educational League, (1942)
  • Native Nazi Purge Plot: the Conspiracy Against Congress, Constitutional Educational League, (August, 1942) 66 pages
  • What's Cooking (1942)
  • Class War on The Home Front, Constitutional Educational League, Inc., (1943)
  • Famine in America (1943,1944) 50 pages
  • The Smear Offensive, report on the communist smear campaign of nationalists of the 1930s and 1940s (ca. 1944) [1]
  • The Hell with G.I. Joe! Constitutional Educational League, (1944)
  • Vote CIO...and Get a Soviet America (1944)
  • With Lotions of Love …to Walter Winchell, Constitutional Educational League, (1944)
  • Fay Case, Constitutional Educational League, Inc., (1945)
  • How to Be An American, Patriotic Action Committee, Constitutional Educational League, (1946)
  • Communist Carpet Baggers in Operation Dixie (1946)
  • Don't Say We Didn't Warn You! Constitutional Educational League, Inc., (circa 1946)
  • Strikes and The Communists Behind Them, Constitutional Educational League, (1947)
  • Behind the Lace Curtains of the YWCA (1948)
  • Open Letter to Congress, Constitutional Educational League, (1948) 66 pages, Singerman 741
  • Hitler Was a Liberal, Constitutional Educational League, Inc., (1949)
  • It Isn't Safe To Be An American, Constitutional Educational League, (1950)
  • Will President Eisenhower Join The ADL Book Burners? Headlines, Constitutional Educational League, (1953)
  • How The New York Times Betrayed Its Readers on "McCarthyism", Headlines, (1954)
  • Senator McCarthy's Methods, Committee For McCarthyism, Headlines, (1954)
  • Trickery, Treachery, Tyranny and Treason in Washington, Headlines, (1957)
  • The Lowdown on Little Rock and the Plot to Sovietize the South (1957,1958)
  • Meet the Man Who Plans to Rule America (1958)
  • The Bigots Behind the Swastika Spree (1960) 36 pages
  • This Judeo-Christian Heritage Hoax (1970) 6 pages
  • Maloney’s Moscow Trials (Great Sedition Trial)
  • From the Secret Files of the FBI
  • The Red-Addled 'Brain' Behind The Scripps-Howard Smear of Senator Joe McCarthy, Committee For McCarthyism
  • Anything But The Truth…, Constitutional Education League
  • Audacious Aubrey Williams and The Sly Strategy of Senator Smear…, Constitutional Educational League


  • We Must Abolish the United States: The Hidden Facts behind the Crusade for World Government (1950)
  • Un-American Gestapo manuscript, never published


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