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The Internet Archive ( is an online archive of internet websites and Public domain works.

The Internet archives started 1996 in San Francisco for the long-term archiving of writings in digital form for the purpose of free provision for everybody. Important aim is to avoid disappearance, e.g., by arbitrary data destruction.

The big value of this world net archive lies in the fact that digitized books are made available from all over the world about politics, history and folklore, among other things from the German time, free of censorship. The archive contains books from which worldwide only few copies exist and which can be made available in this manner again to the whole humanity.

With the adjusting of PDF files in the Metapedia is to be noted that the offered deep references may not be used, because they constantly change. The first part http://*/items/must be substituted by the reference by

Beyond that, in the archive also net sides are stored which themselves are still retrievable or restoreable after their deletion .

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