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The Constitutional Educational League, Inc. was an American anti-communist organization, founded in 1919 by returning veterans of the First World War. Ex-President William Howard Taft and Army Chief of Staff General Leonard Wood were an early sponsors of the League.[1] The organization was officially incorporated in 1937. Their offices were located at 831 Chapel Street, New Haven, Connecticut.

In 1942, the organization was listed as one 28 organizations indicated by a special grand jury as having conspired against the United States Army and Navy, being an instrument of the Axis Powers.[2]

In the 1944 presidential campaign, the organization published a brochure, Vote CIO and Get A Soviet America. A congressional investigation into the 1944 campaign expenditures sought to find out who the financial backers were of the League, as it deemed this brochure to be political. However, Joseph P. Kamp, vice-president of the League refused to hand over this information.[3] Because Kamp refused to act on a subpoena, he was tried for Contempt of Congress. In 1950, he was convicted, and sentenced to four months in prison.[4] Kamp was tried another time for congressional defiance in 1952, when he failed to produce records for the House Lobby Investigating Committee.[5] This time, Kamp was acquitted of the charge, as the House Committee failed to orderly disclose why Kamp was in default.[6]

Officers pre-1944

Officers 1944


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