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Oliver Kenneth Goff (born September 19, 1915 in Darien, Wisconsin; died April 11, 1972 in Chicago) was a former member of the American Communist Party and national committee member of the Young Communist League. He was a member from May 2, 1936 to October 9, 1939, resigning from the Communist Party on the day he testified before the Dies Committee. As a young communist he along with other communists were invited to a White House party hosted by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.[1]

Goff went on to worked closely with Rev. Gerald L.K. Smith, America's leading nationalist. In time, Goff would turn on his former colleagues and associates of Smith accusing them of fascism.[2]

Goff was chairman of the Colorado Anti-Communist League and national director of Soldiers of the Cross. He later became a member of the Board of Policy for the Washington-based rightist group Liberty Lobby.

Kenneth Goff was a controversial figure within the anti-communist movement. Some of his opponents made inquiries to the FBI suggesting that Goff continued to work on behalf of American communists spreading mistrust and disinformation among patriots.[3] [4] Goff was interview by the FBI several times and revealed information on his past communist associations.[5] The Denver FBI office assessed him as being a "borderline psychopath".

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Goff, 1960
Goff, 1971

Kenneth Goff was once a divinity student from Delavan, Wisconsin. His father was a physician and a member of the state legislature. Kenneth Goff was born an albino.[6]

Recruitment into the Communist Party

In 1935, Kenneth Goff was employed at a Wisconsin newspaper. That year he was invited to attend a “workers school” sponsored by the Federal Employment Relief Administration, a recovery project of FDR‘s New Deal administration held on the campus of the University of Wisconsin. Goff soon discover the school to be totally communist control. Classes consisted of discussions on how to organize a worker's society and the comparisons of socialist and communist systems. In the evenings the young students would sing revolutionary songs, including The Internationale.[7]

On one occasion, Goff was invited to attend a private Communist lecture held at the home of a party member. The guess speaker was a Jew from New York with the name Cohen who gave a report on the Seventh World Congress of the Communist Party. The speaker made the point that liberals were similar to armies without generals and that only trained leaders could win the world for international Communism. Comrade Cohen declared the Communist Party to be the vanguard of the worker’s revolution with members of generals ready to lead the masses.[8]

Kenneth Goff said he was given the alias John Keats by the party.

After he left the Communist Party, Goff claimed the communists staged an accident which resulted in the loss of his leg. A woman who knew Goff as a child confronted him at one of his anti-communist meetings saying he lost his leg and the sight from one eye due to diabetes.[9]


He renewed his Christian faith and began a crusade to expose communism in America. He wrote an article for the June 1941 issue of Reader’s Digest called "Rehearsal for the Revolution".

Goff was appointed national chairman of Gerald L. K. Smith’s group Christian Youth for America in 1949.[10] Goff founded his own organizations the National Youth Organization in 1943 and Soldiers of the Cross Training Institute in 1950. He spoke in every state of American--mostly to conservative church groups--and wrote a total of 28 books and pamphlets.[11]

In August 1947, Goff and Donald Lohbeck were arrested for placing protest signs on the Russian embassy in Washington DC. The signs read “Beware Spies Working” and “Closed Rat Infested”. They were found guilty and each given a $100 fine.

In 1952, Goff headed the Colorado branch of the Constitution Party seeking General Douglas MacArthur or Jack Tenney to be on their presidential ticket.

Kenneth Goff was an opponent of fluoridation.[12]

In 1964, Kenneth Goff became a member of Liberty Lobby's Board of Policy.


On 25 February 1948, Kenneth Goff was found guilty in United States District Court, District of Columbia of placing anti-communist signs before the Soviet Embassy in Washington, D.C. He was fined $100.

Goff was arrested together with his wife and Dewey Taft on 24 October 1951, when they protested the display of a Soviet flag by slashing it with a knife and ripping it. The red flag was part of a United Nations exhibit at the Denver, Colorado Civic Center on United Nations Day. He was fined $50.


He died April 11, 1972 at the age of 57 of a heart attack in Chicago where he was on a speaking tour. At the time of his death Goff was once a widower and was divorced from his second wife. He was the father of three children who lived in the Denver area.


  • Kenneth Goff did an excellent job of condensing into such a small booklet the much larger work entitled, “The Communist Manual of Instructions of Psychopolitical Warfare”. He was able to gather all of the ideas and stratagems together while sifting out the excess verbiage. But after reading his transcription as well as a transcription by Lt. Col. Gordon “Jack” Mohr, I realized that some of the meanings from the original textbook were a bit fuzzy and confused. This was due to the fact that Kenneth Goff was too close to his subject and he tried to squeeze too many ideas into the same sentence. Thus, his original booklet is filled with runon sentences and odd mixtures of parenthetical phrases that are confusing. All of the ideas, he was able to transcribe, but his English grammar was a bit weak. For this reason, I have edited his transcription into Standard American English punctuation. Hopefully, the modern American Reader will now be able to understand Kenneth Goff’s masterpiece more easily. Jack Mohr’s transcription merely copied the same mistakes by using Mr. Goff’s original text. However, Reverend Mohr (who was a Korean War veteran) added some very interesting footnotes to his transcription of this classic, which the Reader may find interesting. – Alexi Drobychev (M.A., English Literature): Jewish-Communist Brainwashing Techniques, 2001 (Jews and Communism)


Reds Promote Racial War (1958), Goff I.jpg
Reds Promote Racial War (1958), Goff II.jpg

Books and pamphlets

  • Brainwashed Into Slavery, by Kenneth Goff, 63 pages [1] A book attributed by some to Kenneth Goff who obtained it from Communist Party sources.
  • They would destroy our way of life (1944) 48 pages
  • Traitors in the Pulpit and Treason Toward God (1946) 61 pages
  • Confessions of Stalin’s Agent (1948) 78 pages text
  • Red Betrayal of youth (1948) 32 pages
  • Will Russia Invade America? (1951) 63 pages
  • Communism in America (1952)
  • The Scarlet Woman of Revelation (1952) 32 pages
  • One World a Red World (1952) 64 pages
  • The Long Arm of Stalin (1952) 63 pages
  • Hitler and the Twentieth Century Hoax (1954) 72 pages. Goff suggests Hitler was a communist agent and may have survived the fall of Berlin.
  • Strange Fire (The Church, Christianity & Communism in America) (1954) hardcover
  • The Flying Saucers: From Russia, from Another Planet, from God (1955) 32 pages
  • Will Congress Outlaw The New Testament?, Christian Educational Association (1955)
  • Reds Promote Racial War (1958) 76 pages
  • Red Shadows (1959) 93 pages
  • Still 'tis Our Ancient Foe (1962) 107 pages
  • Red Tide (1962) 63 pages
  • Crackpot or Crack Shot (1964) 10 pages
  • Satanism - the Father of Communism (1968) 72 pages
  • Red Atrocities against Christians (1968) 63 pages
  • Reds launch war to destroy White Race (1969)
  • From Babylon to Baruch
  • America, Zion of God
  • Overman Report
  • The Roosevelt Death
  • The Mystery of the Jewish Power



  • Traitors in the Pulpit, or What’s Behind the Flying Saucers – Are they from Russia, Another Planet, or God?
  • Treason in our State Department
  • Should we use the Atom Bomb?
  • Red Secret Plot for Seizure of Denver
  • Do the Reds Plan to Come by Alaska?

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