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Nationalism & Patriotism


Nationalism (also known as Patriotism) is a holistic political worldview within which an organic body of people, unified by a common sense of history, culture, spirtual life and group interests, band together to struggle for their collective destiny. Since the Romantic period, with the decline of the feudal system, many nationalists have argued for their own state as an institution through which to channel their national aspirations, while others are content to exist within larger bodies. Nationalism exists in opposition to internationalism and individualism.

Since emerging as a modern system from the late 18th century onwards (although the concept of ethnic solidarity and loyalty to the patria exist long before this) the ideals of nationalism has been coupled with various different political worldviews, including liberalism, socialism, conservatism and positions which transcend these. Today, especially in a European context, nationalism is associated with resistance to globalism and the self-determination of national people's from the cosmopolitan plutocratic communo-bourgeois system.

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The Patria is the only possible collective destiny. If we reduce it to something smaller, say to the home or the plot of ground, then we are left with an almost physical relationship alone; if we extend it to the world, we get lost in a conception too vague to be grasped. It is exactly the Patria which on a physical basis forms a differentiation in the universal order; it is precisely that which binds together, and at the same time differentiates within the universal order, the destiny of a whole people; it is, as we always say, a unity of destiny within the Universal.

José Antonio Primo de Rivera, 9 April 1935.

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