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Alternative for Sweden (Swedish: Alternativ för Sverige, AfS) is a nationalist political party in Sweden. It was founded in March 2018. The party was founded by Gustav Kasselstrand and William Hahne.

Alternative for Sweden was founded by members of the Sweden Democrat Youth, who were collectively expelled from the Sweden Democrats in 2015.[1] As its primary questions, it advocates repatriation of non-European immigrants and Swedish withdrawal from the European Union.

AfS ran in the Swedish general election in 2018, but failed to enter the Riksdag. In November 2020 AfS announced their intention to run in the 2021 election to the Church of Sweden council.[2] They won 1.24% of the votes giving them 3 seats in the Church council.[3]

Ideology and policies

On its website, Alternative for Sweden lists three key issues:[4]

  1. Repatriation of immigrants
  2. Democracy and politicians
  3. Law and order

It is critical of the current political establishment which it accuses of being naive and overly politically correct. Alternative for Sweden accuses "the Left" of hijacking societal institutions to rewrite history.[5]

Unlike the Sweden Democrats, Alternative for Sweden is non-interventionist and displays hard Euroscepticism which it considers the European Union a threat to Sweden's independence and seek to call for the country to leave the EU. It also seeks to rearm the military and form a Nordic defense alliance, instead of making Sweden dependent on NATO. AfS also wishes to make the country self-sufficient and end the use of fossil fuels, citing both environmental protection and national security reasons.[4]


AfS's leader Gustav Kasselstand addressed the Annual Conference of the Traditional Britain Group in London in 2019.

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