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Traditional Britain Group
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Motto Traditional Conservatives, Radical Thinking
Existence 2001 to present
Type Conservatism
Gregory Lauder-Frost & The Lord Sudeley with Professor Sir Roger Scruton who addressed the TBG on 20 Feb 2015.

The Traditional Britain Group is a traditionalist radical conservative political organisation in the United Kingdom who see themselves as upholding the pre-liberal Toryism of the British conservative movement.[1] Its President is The Lord Sudeley, Vice-Presidents are Gregory Lauder-Frost and Sam Swerling.[2] It also has numerous patrons and is run by a committee of six.

The Far-Left reported that "in 2017 the TBG affirmed its position as one of the most important off-line networking points for the far-right (sic) in the UK. The TBG will likely continue to grow and consolidate its place as the most important meeting point for the intellectual end of the far-right (sic) in the UK in 2018."[3]

Despite the constant smears and attempts by the Liberal-Left to "isolate" the TBG it continues to attract speakers of the highest calibre.


Foundation & progress

With the death of its Patron, General Sir Walter Walker,[4] the Western Goals Institute in London was wound up, and its Vice-President, Gregory Lauder-Frost, also a former officer of the Conservative Monday Club, founded the Traditional Britain Group in 2001 to continue much of the old Club and the WGI's work in the UK. Following the winding up also of the Conservative Democratic Alliance in 2008, its leader, Michael Keith-Smith, wrote to members to advise their current membership was being transferred to the TBG.[5][6] During this period a great many of the TBG's membership came from these two groups as well as from the old Conservative Monday Club. By 2010-11 the group had been reinvigorated by an infusion of young members, many of them undergraduates and new graduates. A new committee was formed and the Lord Sudeley became the group's new President, with a politics and history graduate from Newcastle-upon-Tyne University as Chairman. By the time this Chairman stood down, due to employment pressures, in October 2016, the Group had made steady progress, and forty percent of its growing membership is now under-35 years of age.

In 2016 the TBG also established friendship and co-operation links with the Italian group Rinnovamento nella Tradizione based in Rome, and also with with The Secker Society[7] based in Albany, New York, who in 2016 published a new book by Professor Ron Dart entitled The North American High Tory Tradition[8], copies of which were donated to the TBG.


The Group's original broad aims and objectives were these[9] [10]:

  • (1) We believe in Britain and the indigenous British people, their heritage and customs, and a recognisable British identity.
  • (2) We believe in a sovereign self-governing Britain and withdrawal from the EU.
  • (3) We reject all forms of foreign interference in our government.
  • (4) We ask for an understanding and consciousness by all our people of their nation’s greatness, achievements, and glory.
  • (5) We believe that the heterosexual family is the primary social unit.
  • (6) We believe in authority, obedience and duty.
  • (7) We believe in the spiritual values of life and of the respect that is owing to man.
  • (8) We believe in the obligation of labour.
  • (9) We believe in virtue and the sacred nature of Christianity and our Established Church.
  • (10) We believe that our country is best served by our indigenous customs & traditions, its time-honoured hereditary principle and our monarchy.
  • (11) We are opposed to internationalism and globalism.
  • (12) We are opposed to communism, to socialism, to liberalism, to libertarianism, to anarchism.
  • (13) We are opposed to mass immigration and favour humane and voluntary state-assisted repatriation to natural homelands.
  • (14) We are opposed to the Class War.
  • (15) We are opposed to Political Correctness.
  • (16) We are opposed to those who acknowledge no country and no God.
  • (17) We are against the purely materialist conception of life.
  • (18) We are against all the great heresies of our age, because we have yet to be convinced that there is any part of the world where the liberty to propagate such heresies has been the cause of anything good.


Countryside March 2002.jpg
Sam Swerling at the Countryside March in London, 22 Sept 2002.
Tony Martin who addressed the TBG Annual Dinner 7 Nov 2003
Simon Heffer addresses the TBG Annual Dinner, 8 Feb 2006
Michael Cushman's book which was to be the subject of his talk after dinner in 2015
Francis Fulford of Great Fulford at the TBG Annual Dinner, 23 April 2010
The Earl of Burford at the TBG Annual Dinner, 14 May 2016
The FPÖ's Dr.Johannes Hübner, 2017
Márton Gyöngyösi at the TBG Annual Dinner, 30 June 2018
Quinlan Terry, C.B.E., addresses the TBG 2015 Conference.
Markus Willinger who addressed the TBG 2013 Conference
Professor Ricardo Duchesne who addressed the TBG 2016 Conference.
Stuart Millson addressed the TBG 2015 and 2016 Conferences.
Bjørn Christian Rødal of Norway's Alliansen Party.
Professor Dr.Bruno Gollnisch
Dr. Frank Ellis, who has addressed the TBG twice.
Anne Marie Waters, Director of Sharia Watch UK.
GI protest on Westminster Bridge facing UK Parliament[11] after the 2017 TBG conference.

The group's activities include occasional meetings, with invited speakers, on a range of topics, annual dinners with guest speakers, press releases, conferences, and for the first decade published an A4-size glossy colour newsletter.[12] On Sunday September 22, 2002, numerous members including Gregory Lauder-Frost, Stuart Millson, Michael Keith-Smith, Jennifer Cameron, and Sam Swerling were in the TBG delegation in the great countryside "Liberty and Livelihood" march through central London opposing the Labour Party's Bill to ban foxhunting. From 2010 increased activity was taking place.


Formal Black-tie Annual Dinners at up-market venues in London's West End had notable speakers, including, in 2003, Tony Martin,[13] the cause célèbre Norfolk farmer, and in 2006 Simon Heffer,[14][15] author, biographer of Enoch Powell, and political commentator (and at the time Associate Editor of The Daily Telegraph), Francis Fulford,[16] author and member of the Landed Gentry with a large estate in Devon[17] and a TV personality, Gerard Batten, a Member of the European Parliament for the United Kingdom Independence Party (of which he became Leader in 2018), Dr Frank Ellis, the controversial university lecturer and author of The Macpherson Report: 'Anti-racist' hysteria and the Sovietization of the United Kingdom (2001),[18] and in May 2013 Jacob Rees-Mogg, Conservative Party Member of Parliament,[19] who described his dinner on TV as "a perfectly polite affair".[20]. That was followed on June 14, 2014 by another annual dinner triumph with Flemish parliamentarian Philip Claeys, the former MEP of the Vlaams Belang (formerly the Vlaams Blok) who made a superb and uplifting speech. Michael Cushman, M.A., the great expert on the culture of the Confederacy, and whose books are published by the USA Anglican Press, was due to address the Sept 2015 Dinner but was banned from entry to the UK, as he was about to board his plane, by Mrs Theresa May, Home Secretary, after she had accepted defamation dossiers sent to her by Far-Left groups. Professor John Kersey stood in. The May 2016 Dinner was addressed by the Earl of Burford who made a rousing speech for traditionalism which received a standing ovation. The Earl is possibly best known for his 1999 protest in the House of Lords against the Labour Party's proposals to expel almost all of the hereditary peerage.

The 2017 Annual Dinner, held in St.James's, London, on May 20, was the largest dinner since 2006. Attendees were eager to meet and hear the guest-of-honour, Dr. Johannes Hübner, a member of the Austrian Parliament for the the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) and their spokesman on Foreign Affairs, as well as being a practicing lawyer. The 2018 Annual Dinner was held in central London on June 30th and was another TBG success. The guest-of-honour was 41 year-old Márton Gyöngyösi, MP and Leader of the Jobbik Party in the Hungarian Parliament (26 seats and the official opposition) of which party he is Executive Vice-President, and Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs. In his address he reminded the audience that Christianity was the basis of European civilisation. He stated of the TBG that "it is good to see that there is a community which resists intellectually and spiritually the decadence of our era."


The group holds very successful all-day conferences with up to 140 (so far) attendees: in 2012 the theme was "Is there a future for tradition?" and in 2013, in Mayfair, on "The Future of the Nation State". These attracted notable speakers, including Theodore Dalrymple, Peter Myers (Church Society), Dr. Peter King, Richard Spencer of the USA's National Policy Institute, Sean Gabb, the classicist Dr. Andrew Fear, economist Professor Stephen Bush, Alex Kurtagic, the Austrian Identitarian Marcus Willinger, who is considered one of the founding fathers of the political movement to which his Arktos 2013 book Generation Identity: A Declaration of War Against the '68ers gave its name, followed by and Professor John Kersey who was then invited to join Gregory Lauder-Frost and Christopher Gillibrand as one of the group's Vice-Presidents.[21][22])

On Saturday March 8, 2014 the Group held an all-afternoon Seminar, in Mayfair, London, for 60 of its members. This took the form of discussion tracks, each with a leader who would introduce their own new topic every hour. After the introduction by the leader those attending that particular session could put forward their comments on the issue under discussion. It was a huge success.[23] The 2014 Annual all-day Conference was another success with speakers Sam Swerling, Christopher Gillibrand, Godfrey Bloom (the former UKIP MEP), barrister Adrian Davies, Keir Martland, Professor Tomislav Sunic, & Professor John Kersey, with Gregory Lauder-Frost winding up. These speeches are usually filmed and, with copies of the addresses, can be found on their website

The 2015 Annual Conference, with 90 attendees, was another triumph for the Group, with the following speakers taking part: John Morgan, Editor-in-Chief of Arktos Books; Stuart Millson on the 'Meaning of English nationhood'; Professor John Kersey on 'Education: reasserting our culture and values'; Quinlan Terry, C.B.E., "Britain's greatest living architect"[24] and "the single most distinguished and prolific architect at work in the Classical tradition in the UK"[25] who demolished the falsehoods of the modernist school of architecture; Political commentator, writer and columnist Theodore Dalrymple (Anthony Daniels), whose books include Our Culture, What's Left of It; Commander Paul Fisher R.N (Rtd) from the United Kingdom National Defence Association, on the parlous state of our armed forces; the Reverend Dr. Peter Mullen traditionalist Anglican priest, columnist and writer, who attacked some of the church's current heresies; and Sean Gabb, leader of the Libertarian Alliance, on 'the surveillance state'.

Professor Ricardo Duchesne flew in from Canada to address the TBG at their 2016 conference. His book, Faustian Man in an Age of Multiculturalism - a study of the importance of race in the historical identification of Western civilization from prehistoric to contemporary times, had just been published by Arktos. His address to the conference was entitled "Why and when did Western Nations decide to Become Multiracial Places?" Other speakers included Stuart Millson on "Why Brexit was Necessary", Dr. Selby Whittingham, a renowned art expert, especially on Turner, spoke on "The importance of art to our heritage, culture and identity", David Keighley, a former BBC news producer, BBC PR executive and head of corporate relations for TV-am, and now Director of News-watch, which has painstakingly monitored the BBC for the past 17 years, spoke on BBC bias.[26] Isac Boman, a young Swedish economist, gave an address based upon his book: Money Power - A Force for Freedom or Slavery?. Published in Swedish by Arktos Media in August 2016, an English version is currently under way; and Matteo Luini, International Relations Officer for Rinnovamento nella Tradizione, addressed the conference on what they see as the way forward, concentrating on the historical and cultural roots across Europe.

The annual conference on 21 October 2017 in Mayfair featured the well-known conservative author, critic and polemicist Alexander Boot, who spoke on "How modernity is destroying our political culture"; the author of six books and former university lecturer in Russian and Slavonic studies, Dr. Frank Ellis, spoke on "The relationship between Russia and the West today"; Bjørn Christian Rødal, Vice-president of the newly-formed Norwegian party "The Alliance" (Alliansen) spoke about his party and on how nationalists and anti-globalists can move forward; the Director of Sharia Watch UK, Anne Marie Waters, who was runner-up in the 2017 UKIP leadership contest, and who has now founded a new party "For Britain", addressed the conference on the UK's hopeless Muslim immigration scenario, including the mutilation of young girls by Muslims, the mass rapes[27], and the way the liberal-left were clamping down on free speech[28]; the Rev. Dr. Peter Mullen returned to the TBG conference addressing it on the subject of "Has the Church of England A Future?" in which he outlined how the liberal-left had gradually infiltrated and taken over church structures over a period of decades. The last speaker in 2017's conference was the very active young Austrian campaigner Martin Sellner, a leader of the growing European grouping Generation Identity, on their absolute opposition to non-European immigration into all European countries and urging everyone to join them in opposing the destruction of our nations by unrepresentative liberal-left politicians[29]. GI has raised considerable sums of money enabling them to charter a substantial small ship which is now in the Mediterranean Sea intercepting the vessels owned by Left-wing charities who are deliberately aiding thousands of illegal immigrants to come to Europe.[30][31] All speakers took lively questions, and the conference was an outstanding success with 134 attendees.

Roger Scruton

On Friday, February 20, 2015, the TBG held a packed evening meeting in central London, which was addressed by the famous author of over 30 books, the philosopher Professor Sir Roger Scruton, on the subject of what England really means to him. The Lord Sudeley, the TBG's President, presided.

Bruno Gollnisch

On 27 June 2017, after the committee and the guest had a private luncheon, the Group held another packed meeting in central London, which was addressed by Professor Dr. Bruno Gollnisch, a Member of the European Parliament for France's Front National party. He praised Britain's referendum result to leave the EU and remarked that everyone in Brussels was stunned when the result was announced. He felt nation-states needed to reassert themselves, and warned against the tidal wave of alien immigration threatening to destroy Europe.


The Group has consistently opposed alien immigration into the United Kingdom and Europe, and on 3rd August 2015 called upon the conservative government to resign over this issue. The following Press Release was widely circulated and appeared also on their website:

The Traditional Britain Group calls upon the government to resign: With the complete and utter chaos at Calais, it is reported today by Kent's Chief Constable, Alan Pughsley, that 7 out of 10 aliens make it through the channel tunnel and hundreds a month successfully arrive from Calais, that they know of. The fake Conservative Party government has demonstrated its crass ineptitude and impotence when it comes to immigration, which it pledged to reduce. In fact numbers continue to increase (over 318,000 net per annum) with no end in sight and no realistic solutions. On this, the most important and crucial issue facing the British nation and its future, the government should resign.

Leaving the EU

On 23 June 2017, during discussions over Brexit, "the Traditional Britain Group called upon the British Government not to simply afford a Right to Stay to any EU citizen once Britain leaves the EU. For instance, those EU citizens who have been here, even for five years, who have spent much, most, or all of that time in social or local government housing and on State Benefits should be asked to return to their native countries. Our people should not be supporting millions of aliens." Interestingly this is an echo of the famous UK Conservative Home Secretary (1924-1929), Sir William Joynson-Hicks, Bt., who campaigned against "undesireable aliens" and "socialists from Eastern Europe".[32]

House of Lords

The TBG has consistently argued against the Labour Party's destruction of the UK's thousand year-old constitution and institutions[33]. (In 1991 The Lord Sudeley, now the TBG's President, wrote a booklet for the Monday Club entitled The Preservation of the House of Lords. Sir John Stokes, M.P., wrote an effusive Foreword.) In particular they support the pre-1999 status quo of the House of Lords[34], and on 30th June 2017 it made the following media statement:

"If the present Conservative Party is really conservative, then the Traditional Britain Group calls upon it to repeal Labour's Class War Bill of 1999 and restore the hereditary peerage to Their House, with no more Life Peers for 15 years."

Social & other issues

The TBG has consistently opposed feminism, the "Sovietisation" and defeminisation of women. It is opposed to women in the military unless as auxiliaries. Essentially it firmly supports a patriarchal traditional society. It is 100% opposed to all forms of Political Correctness, to Hate Speech legislation, and to pandering to minorities (at the indigenous population's expense) who it believes should return to their natural homelands.

On the 5th September 2018 it called for a Press Regulatory body to have a balanced make-up devoid of media involvement. It attacked the old Press Complaints Commission and its replacement body, IPSO, as being run by similar bunches of Leftists who collude with newspapers. It said that 95% of the population could not afford to enter a court suing for libel and defamation and that unless we had a robust non-left regulatory body the "filth" the newspapers churn out destroying people's reputations would continue.


Website & Facebook

The TBG has a prominent website[35] which contains reports of meetings and a catalogue of essays and articles. It also has a blog, an on-line journal, and video links to/of speeches made at its functions. The Group maintains an extremely active and popular (15,000 'Likes' and half a million visitors monthly) Facebook[[1]] page (with links to Twitter) where anyone visiting the page may comment upon issues raised or highlighted there, many of which are highly contentious.

TBG Newsletter

TBG Newsletter banner.jpg

Until 2008, the TBG produced an irregular A4 glossy, colour newsletter which was widely distributed with legal deposit copies lodged with the British Library. The first using this title was published by the old Western Goals Institute in Spring 2000, called Traditional Britain - "a political briefing and campaign paper for conservatives". The leading essay, entitled "Why Labour Rules" said that Labour was creating a one-party state and that the Conservative Party had let it happen. Stuart Millson's article "Enough is Enough" attacked the plan to build one million new houses on green land in southern England, and John Scholey's article on "Immigration" said it was "the biggest issue facing Britain." A 'Special General Election Edition' was published in June 2001, the front page headline being "New Labour: A Disgrace to Britain" under the pen of Millson. Other articles included the "MacPherson Report Condemned", and one by Gregory Lauder-Frost on "National Identity", when he prophesised "within 20 years Britain's capital city will have a majority non-British population".[36]

The Spring edition 2002 carried the banner headline "The End of the Tory Party" where same-sex marriage, abolition of The Lords, the party's commitment to a multicultural society were assailed, and the party's recent record condemned. Page three was occupied by an article on "Identity and Britishness", followed up by articles on "Messages from occupied Europe" and "The BBC - an employment service for leftists." Their Autumn 2002 edition carried a front page essay by Lauder-Frost "The Tragedy of Conservatism Today" and an article on page two on the French Presidential elections entitled "Le Pen - The Real Winner." An announcement was made urging members to join the TBG contingent who were joining the Countryside March on 22nd September that year. The Summer 2003 edition carried an attack on the Fabian Society by Lauder-Frost, an article by Millson on the EU Constitution urging patriots to "Wake Up!"; a splendid obituary of Sir John Stokes, M.P.; a brilliant essay by Oxford graduate Hadrian Wise "Putting Science in its Place" and an article by Millson again attacking John Prescott's proposals "to turn the countryside into a giant housing estate!".

The Winter 2005-06 edition carried a front-page article by Millson asking "What has Happened to our Country" addressing Islamic terrorists, open borders, a hopeless education system, British identity, and the future. Page 2 had a reprint of Lauder-Frost's letter on behalf of the TBG, published in the Daily Telegraph (with omissions) on 4th October, opposing Turkey's membership of the EU. He continued on the following page with an essay entitled "Lest We Forget", asking why Communists were always excused their crimes, and why they were always appeased by the West. Another article also appeared by Hadrian Wise entitled "Breeding Philistines" in which he pointed out that many pupils he tutored said the only 'Homer' they know of is Homer Simpson.

The Newsletter has been replaced by the website blog and an occasional on-line journal which is circulated to members.

Media and other attacks

On 8th August 2013 Gregory Lauder-Frost was invited to appear on BBC TV's "Newsnight" programme (preceded by a BBC smear interview about the TBG with the infamous communist Gerry Gable, editor of Searchlight 'anti-fascist' magazine), over a media furore because the TBG had opposed the Labour Party's nomination of Doreen Lawrence, President of the violent Trotskyist terror group Unite Against Fascism, for a Life Peerage. In addition he had supported the 1970 Conservative Party's General Election Manifesto pledge to halt mass immigration and to actively encourage immigrants to voluntarily return to their natural homelands. The BBC in this programme attempted to virtually proscribe the TBG as being "far-right", ignoring the fact that the TBG were being basically traditional conservatives. The following day he was aggressively interviewed by the Jewish journalist Vanessa Feltz on the BBC's Radio 5 Live programme whose overt disgust at GLF/TBG's line was obvious. The BBC TV also interviewed the group's May Annual Dinner guest, Jacob Rees-Mogg, M.P., who praised Mrs Lawrence as "a wonderful woman" and who adopted immediately the liberal-left media's condemnatory approach distancing himself from the TBG, something which was entirely unnecessary and which, one committee member said, "demonstrated that he was just another liberal in a party of fake conservatives".[37]

Daily Mirror

On 31st January 2018 the Far-Left "Daily Mirror" in collusion with Hate not Hope (sic) published an attack upon Lauder-Frost saying he made a "vile racist rant" against Doreen Lawrence calling her a nigger. Lauder-Frost immediately launched a complaint saying this was a lie, and that he had never "ranted" in his life. It took the "Daily Mirror" seven entire months to publish a retraction in tiny print on page two in their newspaper dated 5th September in which they accepted that they had been misinformed and that Lauder-Frost had not used the word.


The Communist groups Searchlight 'Anti-Fascist' magazine and those in the "Hope not Hate" group who split several years ago from Searchlight continue to describe the Traditional Britain Group in the most extreme slanders they can manufacture.

Comment on the TBG

  • "It is good to see that there is a community which resists intellectually and spiritually the decadence of our era." ~ Márton Gyöngyösi, Hungarian Member of Parliament.


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See also

  • Enoch Powell — conservative figure with whom the TGB shares many views.
  • Alan Clark — conservative Member of Parliament, historian & former Monday Club member, with whom the TGB share many views.
  • Sam Swerling - TBG Vice-President and campaigner for traditional Toryism.

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