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Edward Dutton (born 1980, London) is a theologian, anthropologist, researcher and author. In 2019 he was appointed editor of The Mankind Quarterly. He lives in Finland and is Professor of the Anthropology of Religion at Oulu University.


Dutton was educated at Durham University where he graduated in Theology in 2002, and Aberdeen University, from which he received his PhD in Religious Studies in 2006.


Dutton has been a researcher at Leiden University in the Netherlands, and Umea University in Sweden, and has been academic consultant at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia.

Dutton was the first to set out all the evidence for IQ decline across Europe and his research has been reported in newspapers worldwide. On Saturday 19th October 2019 he addressed the Annual Conference of the Traditional Britain Group.

He is also and active genealogist.


He has published widely in psychology in such journals as Intelligence, Personality and Individual Differences and Evolutionary Psychological Science. Dutton's books include:

  • Meeting Jesus at University: Rites of Passage and Student Evangelicals (Routledge 2016),
  • Religion and Intelligence: An Evolutionary Analysis (Ulster Institute for Social Research 2014),
  • The Genius Famine (jointly with Professor Bruce Charlton, University of Buckingham Press 2015),
  • How to Judge People by what they look like (2018) [1]
  • At our Wits End: Why We're becoming less intelligent and what it means for the future (jointly with Michael Woodley of Menie; InPress 2018) and
  • Race Differences in Ethno Centrism (2019)[2]

He also edited Professor Richard Lynn's 2019 book Race Differences in Psychopathic Personality.[3]


Edward Dutton is married to a Finn and has two young children.

What others have said

"Dutton is a brilliant young researcher who has published some excellent works, must-reads for anyone who wants to understand the reasons behind the apparent suicide of the European peoples." ~ Professor Richard Lynn.

"Edward Dutton has provided a thorough review of the psychometric literature on ethnocentrism. I highly recommend his work. ~ Professor Kevin MacDonald.


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