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Bruno Gollnisch (born 28 January 1950) is a French academic and politician. He is a member of the National Rally, formerly the National Front.

He became associate professor of Law at Metz university. In 1981, he became professor of Japanese language and civilisation at the University of Lyon IIIy.

Gollnisch was an unsuccessful candidate for the leadership of the National Front in 2011 when the party's founding leader Jean-Marie Le Pen retired. Gollnisch was defeated by Marine Le Pen.

Gollnisch was condemned in January 2007 to a three-month prison sentence on probation and ordered to pay costs of 55,000 Euros (with interest) on a charge of alleged Holocaust denial. Gollnisch had stated that "I do not question the existence of concentration camps but historians could discuss the number of deaths. As to the existence of gas chambers, it is up to historians to speak their minds ("de se déterminer")". Gollnisch was finally found not guilty in 2009.

In August 2010, Gollnisch – who supports the French Government's move to deport Gypsy from French territory – publicly criticised the Vatican for opposing the deportation. He suggested that the evicted Gypsy should be accommodated in St Peter's Square, Rome, and that the Vatican should then re-state its position.

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