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Holocaust denial is an epithet invented by Jews during the early 1980s, to describe a thought criminal who rejects or actively debunks the story that six-million Jews were gassed during the Second World War and turned into soap or lamp-shades. Because Jews have constructed their framing of the "Holocaust" to describe Jewish casualties in the Second World War, as part of an arsenal which enables them to maintain a hegemony in international political and economic matters, heretics who dissent from the religious orthodoxy of Holocaustianity have been persecuted (in some countries physically incarcerated) and attacked in psychological warfare with a barrage of epithets.

It is therefore the politically correct term for Holocaust revisionism. Regarding the term itself, see the article on Anti-Holocaust revisionism and in particular the section "The term "Holocaust denial" and straw man revisionism".


The term arose as a form of damage limitation in response to revisionist scholars beginning to debunk the construct that the Jews had created in the 1970s, based loosely on Soviet propaganda by Ilya Ehrenburg, Vasily Grossman and others. There are several contenders to the actual coining of the phrase, which appeared around 1982—1984 in Jewish circles. The 1983 edition of The Holocaust Denial, a book published by Pluto Press—previously the publishing arm of the Trotskyist SWP— by Gill Seidel, both a critical theory feminist and a Zionist is a strong contender, certainly the mainstreaming piece. She claimed revisionism is a "symbolic genocide of world Jewry".[1]

The word 'denier'

One denies things, that he knows, it happened, but he does not want to tell others. For example, someone steals a piece of chocolate in a shop, and eats it, without paying for it. If the personal asks "did you steal a piece of chocolate"- the thief answers with "no", and doing that he denies the fact, that he stole a piece of chocolate.

However, let us assume, there exists another person, who was not in the shop, or was in the shop, but did not care about the thief. If we ask this person: "Did XY steal a piece of chocolate some minutes ago?", he can not deny the theft, because he does not know about it.

An other person, who saw, that XY was in a completely other place, and not in the shop, when the theft happened, also can not deny the theft, because he knows, it could not have happened.

Therefore persons, who argue, the so called holocaust could not happened, because facts and laws of physics suggest, it could not have happened, can not deny it, because one can only deny things, he is certain, they happened.

Rise of the ‘deniers’

Over the years the Holocaust story has been challenged by brave individuals who have risked ridicule, loss of position, and imprisonment in their defense of the truth. Those who have taken this stand bring the public’s attention to this issue in a way scholarly books and articles can not. Ernst Zündel and David Irving have been imprisoned in Canada, Germany and Austria for challenging Holocaust laws. Recently Bishop Richard Williamson has been told by Pope Benedict XVI to recant his skepticism of Holocaust claims. [1] The public is beginning to ask itself why this issue is so important that people must be imprisoned and denounced for not believing the official story.


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