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The Socialist Workers Party (abbreviated as the SWP) is a Trotskyist party in the United Kingdom, founded in 1950 by the Jewish Communist Tony Cliff / Yigael Gluckstein.

Never a large party, and presumably even less so after the fall of Communism, the party's membership declined further after 2013 allegations of rape and sexual assault made against a leading member of the party and criticisms of the SWP's handling of these accusations.

"In 2013, the way allegations of sexual violence made by a 17-year-old girl against a senior figure were dealt with by the party led to its near-collapse. The SWP politically disapproves of police involvement, so the teenager was asked to testify in front of a kangaroo court made up of the accused’s close associates. She was asked questions about her alcohol consumption and sexual history and left the room in floods of tears. In addition, a sustained campaign of harassment was launched against two female party members who helped the victim bring her allegation to the party committee. At the SWP’s national conference the committee announced it’s verdict: not guilty. Anyone who disagreed was asked to leave the party and around 700 resigned in disgust."[1]

The SWP may be most known for front organisations such as the Anti-Nazi League, Rock Against Racism, Love Music Hate Racism, and Unite Against Fascism.

In most street demonstrations, for whatever reasons, against the British 'Establishment', the protestors carry placards supplied by the SWP.

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  1. Why Jeremy Corbyn should support the boycott of the Socialist Workers Party