Jean-Marie Le Pen

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Jean-Marie Le Pen

Jean-Marie Le Pen (born June 20, 1928, La Trinité-sur-Mer, France) is a French patriotic politician, he led the National Front party from its foundation in 1972 until 2011. He was succeeded by Marine Le Pen.

Le Pen has run for the French presidency five times, including in 2002, when in a surprise upset he came second, polling more votes in the first round than the main left candidate, Lionel Jospin. Le Pen lost in the second round to president Jacques Chirac. Le Pen again ran in the 2007 French presidential election and finished fourth.

Le Pen focuses on providing solutions for a range of problems, including:

He advocates immigration restrictions and other measures to improve the condition of France, such as incentives for homemakers, tougher punishment of crime, and the introduction of a fixed period (usually a year) of compulsory military service in order that young people are taught about patriotism and traditional values.

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