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Roberto Fiore is the founder and first leader of Forza Nuova.

Roberto Fiore is the leader of the Italian nationalist party Forza Nuova (New Force), and he's allied with Alessandra Mussolini's movement "Azione Sociale con Alessandra Mussolini" (social action with Alessandra Mussolini), forming with this moviment and the "fronte sociale nazionale" (social national front) the party "Alternativa sociale" (social alternative).

Life and Politics

Roberto Fiore (born April 15, 1959 in Rome) is the leader of Italian Forza Nuova party. After the bombing of Bologna train station, the State and the red "culture" and mass medias accused the patriotic forces to have bombed the station, killing 85 people. Although the patriots were innocent, they were however persecuted, and the State killed also some comrades (e.g. Nanni De Angelis). Still in these days some comrades are in jail, because of the false indictment.

In this situation, Roberto Fiore, like other persons, had to flee abroad, and he went in England, where he contacted the International Third Position (of which he was one of the most important members).

In England he knew Nick Griffin, Troy Southgate and overall Massimo Morsello, Italian singer, fleed like him in England. With him he founded the travel agency "Easy London", which helps young students and workers live and work in London by providing jobs, beds, and contracts. This rapidly made Morsello and Fiore wealthy (the profits being around 15 million euros), helping, thanks to this activity, various patriotic organizations in Italy. "Easy London" is still active.

In 1997, thanks to an amnesty, Roberto Fiore and Massimo Morsello could return in Italy, and they founded the movement Forza Nuova.

The Forza Nuova movement is founded on Catholic principles, and it has since attracted several comrades. Forza Nuova is famous for several rallies against immigration and against LGBT pride parades.

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