International Third Position

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International Third Position
International Third Position.png
Political position Third Positionism
Leader Derek Holland & Roberto Fiore
Existence 1989–2005
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Affiliation European National Front
Colours Black, white, red

International Third Position (ITP) was a third positionist organisation which was formed by members of the Political Soldier faction of the National Front under Derek Holland. ITP ideology is a mix of leftist and rightist ideas - environmentalism, wealth redistribution - with an opposition to usury and the demographic genocide of European nations under globalism. The International Third Position operated more as an "elite cadre" than a mass movement. It sought to become an umbrella organisation for various nationalist parties throughout Europe and the world.


Formative period

The International Third Position grew out of the Official National Front, also known as the Political Soldiers. This itself had begun as a fascist (broad sense) faction within the National Front in the early 1980s, consisting mostly of youthful British idealists who came to be influenced politically by exiled Italian nationalists in London from Terza Posizione such as Roberto Fiore. Together they were opposed to the more conservative-populist faction which came to be known as the Flag Group. This conflict led to a formal split in the old National Front by 1986. The Official National Front was led by Derek Holland, Nick Griffin and Patrick Harrington. It came to an end in 1989 as Harrington founded the more liberal Third Way group, while Holland and Griffin founded the International Third Position.

As well as Derek Holland and Nick Griffin, other founding members of the ITP included Roberto Fiore, Colin Todd, Michael Fishwick and Troy Southgate. Though a key formulator of the Third Positionist platform, Griffin left in 1990, shortly after it formed. Four years later he joined the British National Party (BNP), challenging its leadership, the founder of the BNP, John Tyndall. Ironically, by then he had swayed towards a position more inline with the Flag Group populists. ITP also included some Italian political exiles[1] who would later go on to form Forza Nuova. Southgate left to found the English Nationalist Movement in 1992 as Fiore and Holland sought to move away from the earlier position to one more explicitly traditional Catholic in outlook (it had already advocated ideas such as Distributism).

England First

The ITP changed its name to England First in 2001 and has since become a part of the European National Front with the Spanish Falange, Italian Forza Nuova, Romanian Noua Dreaptă, Polish National Rebirth of Poland and others.

The modern party is much less critical of Islamization than the rest of British nationalism, and claims that the campaign against Islamization is mostly driven by a Jewish metapolitical interests of creating a "clash of civilisations". It believes that England, Scotland and Wales should be separate independent nations, and has some sympathy with Cornish nationalism.

Publications supporting the ITP in the UK are Final Conflict, The Voice of St George and Candour (which was previously published by A. K. Chesterton and is the longest running patriotic publication in Britain). The movement also publishes a number of reprint books connected to its ideology.


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