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GI ship in Mediterranean 2017

Generation Identity is the growing movement across Europe opposing non-European immigration into European homelands, and particularly Muslim immigration. In 2017 they acquired a substantial sea-going boat which is now in the Mediterranean Sea harrassing and intercepting the vessels of the European left-wing charities who have been assisting thousands of African illegal immigrants to get into Europe.[1][2]


UK appearances

GI protest on Westminster Bridge facing UK Parliament

There is a small but growing United Kingdom branch. The Austrian leader of Generation Identity, Martin Sellner, was invited to address the British political party UKIP's Youth wing, "Young Independents", at their 2017 annual conference. Upon hearing this the Far-Left bullied and threatened the conference venue proprietors into cancelling that conference.[3] However this was averted by the organisers of the Traditional Britain Group in London for their annual conference on October 21, when Sellner made his appearance to a packed and enthusiastic audience, infuriating the Far-Left.[4]



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