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Tomislav Sunic

Tomislav (Tom) Sunić (Born 1953) is a Croatian author, diplomat, translator, Professor of political science and historian.


Dr. Sunic was born in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1953.[1] In an interview, Dr. Sunic has stated that his father was a Catholic attorney and a former political prisoner who had constant problems with the Yugoslav communist authorities.[2] According to his resume, he studied French and English Language and Literature at the University of Zagreb until 1978. From 1980-1982, he worked as a "lobbyist" in Algeria for a multinational company called Sequipag - Ingra before receiving a Master's degree at California State University, Sacramento in 1985.[3] He received a doctorate in political science in 1988 from the University of California, Santa Barbara. During his studies in America, he also worked "lobbying for different organizations." From 1988 until 1993, he taught at California State University, the University of California, and Juniata College in Pennsylvania. From 1993 until 2001, he served in various diplomatic positions with the Croatian government in Zagreb, London, Copenhagen, and Brussels. He has also taught at the Anglo-American College in Prague and currently resides in Zagreb, where he continues to work as a freelance writer,[1] for example as a contributor on political semiotics and the spirit of communist totalitarianism to the French quarterly [4] Catholica.


Dr. Sunic's thought has been described in an introduction to his work as being in the style of the GRECE school of Alain de Benoist". [5] It states that he is familiar with the traditions of the New Right, a descriptive term for various forms of conservative, right-wing, or dissident intellectual movements and political groupings which emerged in opposition to the liberal and leftist political milieu of the mid- to late-twentieth century. GRECE was created in January 1968 by forty anti-liberal theoreticians and political activists. [6] The introduction to his work says that he "addresses the modern world of hyper-liberalism, globalist capitalism and the crisis of our inherited Indo-European civilization." [7] Kevin Macdonald wrote an introduction to Sunic's book Homo Americanus.

Speaking Appearances

Dr. Sunic has accepted a number of invitations to speak before groups thought by liberal academics, ethnic minority activists and NGO's to be patriotic groups. For example, Dr Sunic spoke at the 2002 and 2003 entitled Eurofest events, sponsored by the Sacramento chapter of National Alliance. Local media and parties with a particular interest in covering these events categorise remarks by Dr. Sunic as "anti-immigrant",[8][9] although the topic of his speech in 2003 was "From the Turkish Onslaught on Eastern Europe to the Communist Disaster."

Dr Sunic also spoke at the March 2007 Los Angeles meeting of the Institute for Historical Review,[10] The topic of Dr Sunic's speech was the semantic distortions surrounding the expression "hate speech". Dr Sunic traced the lexical manipulations embedded in the German, and French criminal code. His main argument was that the “liberal system, by using 'soft narratives' and 'sentimental normative locutions,' is no less dangerous than the violence and vulgarity of communist double-speak. It is less transparent and therefore it better deceives the masses.”

Tom Sunic took part in the US-based National Policy Institute's Conference in Budapest the first weekend of October 2014, despite the Hungarian Government's attempts to close it down as "racist" and Richard Spencer's arrest for 'not carrying his passport with him' in the city. Sunic's next appearance was in London on October 18th at the annual conference of the Traditional Britain Group where he was extremely well received.

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