American Freedom Party

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American Freedom Party
Political position American nationalism
Third Position
Leader William D. Johnson
Country United States
Existence 2010–present
Headquarters Las Vegas, Nevada[1]
Newspaper The Nationalist Times
Colours Red, white, blue

The American Freedom Party, known as the American Third Position Party until January 2013, is the national liberation party of the American people. It is, at present, the most high profile legitimately patriotic party in the United States.


In late January 2013, the chairman William D. Johnson announced that the Party's name would change its name from the American Third Position Party to American Freedom Party. The original name referred to the Party's nationalist Third Position tenets, but was poorly understood by the public, as the term is foreign to American political discourse, and the directors felt a change to "Freedom," a common term in American politics, was in order.[2]


Mission Statement


Mission Statement: It’s time to face some unpleasant facts. Americans believed “It can’t happen here.” Well, it can and it has. The United States has become unrecognizable. An unaccountable government continues to grow by leaps and bounds and is becoming a high-tech surveillance police state. Washington, D.C. engages in endless undeclared and sometimes even secret wars of aggression abroad. U.S. drones are killing civilians in an increasing number of countries and within a few years there will be 30,000 domestic drones conducting surveillance on Americans. Additionally, there are targeted assassinations, kill lists, the abandonment of due process and habeas corpus, the institutionalization and glorification of the ‘Dark Ages’ practice of torture, the inculcation of paranoia and fear in the population, massive snitching and entrapment industries, uncontrolled borders and uncontrolled immigration, a crumbling infrastructure, a gutted industrial base, and financial bankruptcy with the ‘banksters and gangsters’ in power plundering the working and middle class. Immorality and evil have replaced traditional values, while extreme violence and animalistic behavior are promoted ceaselessly by the corporate media. Even our Second Amendment rights are under attack.

The Democrats and Republicans are far more alike than they are different. Both take turns sharing the spoils of power while shutting out alternative political parties. The vast majority of Americans no longer have leaders that represent their interests. It’s time to break up the Democrat-Republican monopoly and return America to Americans. It’s time to regain our freedom by supporting the American Freedom Party!

The American Freedom Party believes that we should put America first!

” We want to end these perpetual wars and focus on job creation. We are Constitutionalists who want to stop the immigrant invasion and cultural Marxism, and preserve the best traditions of America by putting America first!” Merlin Miller, Presidential Candidate 2012.[3]

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