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The National Alliance (NA) is a White nationalist organization founded by William Luther Pierce in 1974. Pierce hosted a weekly show, American Dissident Voices, published the internal newsletter National Alliance Bulletin (formerly called Action), and oversaw the publications the National Vanguard magazine (originally titled Attack!), Free Speech and Resistance, as well as books published by his publishing firm National Vanguard Books, Inc. Some former members formed the National Vanguard organization. Leftist Wikipedia claims that the organization was disestablished in 2013, despite linking to an official website.


The National Alliance was reorganized from an earlier group: the National Youth Alliance (NYA) based in Arlington, Virginia. The NYA was formed out of the remains of Governor George Wallace's 1968 presidential campaign organization Youth for Wallace. The NYA broke into factions as a result of infighting.

Pierce gained control of the largest remnant in 1970 and continued the organization under that name until its reorganization in 1974. Pierce previously had been an associate of the assassinated leader of the American Nazi Party, George Lincoln Rockwell, and had been editor of the party's ideological journal, National Socialist World. Dr. Pierce moved the National Alliance out of the Washington DC area in the summer of 1985 to rural West Virginia which became known as The Land.

Pierce died of cancer on July 23, 2002, and was succeeded as National Chairman by Erich Gliebe. Before the death of Pierce, the FBI and Jewish hate group the SPLC called the Alliance the best-financed and best-organized white nationalist organization of its kind in the United States. Membership at the time of Dr. Pierce's death was around 1,500[1] with an income of $1 million annually. The organization began a declined under the leadership of Erich Gliebe and by 2006 its membership had fallen to fewer than 800 members.

Gliebe resigned as National Chairman on October 24, 2014 turning the position over to former Membership Coordinator Will Williams. Headquarters are still in Hillsboro, West Virginia and Laurel Bloomery, Tennessee. Their colors are black, white and red.


Leader From Until Notes
William Luther Pierce 1974 2002 Founder of the NA, ran it until his death.
Erich Josef Gliebe 2002 2005 In his youth, he was a professional boxer who had the ring name of "The Aryan Barbarian". Took over after death of Pierce. Membership dropped and financial problems forced him to step aside.
Shaun Walker 2005 2006 Brief leadership as legal problems caught up with him; arrested charged with Civil Rights violations.
Erich Gliebe 2006 2013 Attempted mainstreaming, "New Direction". Oversaw precipitous loss in membership and confidence. Resigned during lawsuit by NARRG.
Will Williams 2014 Had chaired refounded NA with Kevin Alfred Strom, took over original alliance on Gliebe's resignation. In December 2015, Williams was arrested, convicted, briefly incarcerated, and placed on probation. He appealed the sentence and the appellate court affirmed the conviction. Williams was banned from the NA compound in West Virginia pursuant to a court order stemming from his 2015 arrest. 2020 chairman Williams gave ABC News an interview.

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