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National Alliance Life Rune with semicircular laurel wreath.

Algiz (also Elhaz) is the name conventionally given to one of the runes. The name is derived from Common Germanic word for "elk". There is wide agreement that this is most likely not the historical name of the rune.

In the context of Armanism and Ariosophy, such a symbol was believed to symbolize life and was called the life rune (German: Lebensrune).

The life rune inverted was interpreted as a "death rune" (German: Todesrune). During the World War II era, these two runes came to be used in obituaries and on tomb stones as marking birth and death dates, replacing asterisk and cross symbols (* for "born", ✝ for "died") conventionally used in this context in Germany. It was also used in some National Socialist contexts.

The National Alliance and associated organizations have used it as a symbol.

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