Heathen Front

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All-Germanic Heathen Front
Heathen Front.png
Motto Wotan mit uns!
Existence 1993—2006
Type Heathenism
Purpose Pan-Germanic
Location Europe & North America
Headquarters Norway
Website heathenfront.org

The Allgermanische Heidnische Front (English: All-Germanic Heathen Front), better known as simply the Heathen Front, was a folkish-heathen network for ethnic Germanic peoples, which later also expanded to Baltic and Slavic nations. The organisation promoted Wotanism and Ásatrú especially, but also the worldview of Odalism advocated by Varg Vikernes. It originated in Norway, but soon spread to much of Scandanavia in the 1990s; the network existed in some form from 1993 until 2006. The group was hostile to Christianity, supported ecology and opposed universalist distortions of heathenism.


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