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Resistance Records is a record label that produces and sells music by nationalist and White nationalist musicians, primarily through its website. Advertising itself as "The Soundtrack for White Revolution," Resistance Records also publishes a magazine called Resistance, of which Erich Gliebe has been the editor since 1999. Resistance Records is a subsidiary of the National Alliance.


The label was founded in Windsor, Ontario in December 1993 by George Burdi.[1] George Burdi went by the name "George Eric Hawthorne" at that time. In January 1994 this music label was also incorporated in Detroit, Michigan.[1] With the launch of a new music label came the new magazine Resistance. The magazine boasted a circulation of over 13,000 in 1995. This magazine is still published and distributed by the National Alliance. Among the acts signed to Resistance was Burdi's own RaHoWa (band) (short for "Racial Holy War"), which was afterwards disbanded. The label's best-selling CDs have been by Bound For Glory and Angry Aryans.

In 1998, Resistance Records was bought out by Willis Carto and was incorporated in Washington DC, with Todd Blodgett in charge of operations. Blogett and Pierce had bought partial ownership. Carto and Blogett later sold their shares of the company to William Pierce, head of the National Alliance in 1999. In 1999, William Luther Pierce took full control of Resistance, fired Blogett and moved the entire operations to his 400 acre property in Hillsboro, WV. Also in 1999, Resistance Records bought Swedish white power label Nordland Records, doubling its roster. In 2000 it was made into an LLC in West Virginia.

Resistance Records owns several smaller labels, most notably black metal labels Cymophane Records and Unholy Records. At one time, it operated a web-based radio station, Resistance Radio, which streamed white nationalist music across the Internet 24 hours a day. In 2007 the CEO of Resistance Records was Erich Gliebe.


Resistance Records maintains an online store that sells over 1,000 CDs, as well as clothes, flags, computer games and other items. As of July 2013, however, the website has been down for an extended period.


The company has developed two computer games, Ethnic Cleansing and White Law, which are only available for purchase from its site.

In Ethnic Cleansing, the player can choose to play as either a skinhead or a Klansman who runs through a ghetto killing blacks and Latinos, before descending into a subway system to free the city of Jews. Eventually the player reaches a "Jewish Control Center", where Ariel Sharon, the former prime minister of Israel (now dead), is directing plans for world domination. The player must kill Sharon to win the game. The game has several music tracks to choose from, and there is a small video loop of William Luther Pierce's speech displayed in the game. The game was largely ignored by the gaming community and the specialized press. In the sequel, White Law, the player is an ex-police officer, dismissed because of his political views. The player runs through several buildings, killing people such as police officers, the police chief, a child pornographer and journalists. The player must kill the police chief to win the game.

Resistance Records for Freedom

Resistance Records, along with National Alliance, operating in the United States is able to produce and distribute political material which would undergo persecution in other countries, notable Germany.

Dr. Pierce's commentary on Resistance Records

  • Remember What Happened to Anwar? Discontent With America's Rulers Is Growing [1] circa June 1997
  • Woe to Our People's Enemies! [2] circa January 2000
  • Music of Rebellion [3] circa July 2000
  • The Case of Hendrik Möbus [4] circa October 2000
  • What's Important [5] circa October 2000
  • Our Biggest Mistake [6] circa March 2002

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