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Ariel Sharon (born Ariel Scheinerman; 26 February 1928 – 11 January 2014) was an Israeli officer and politician who was the Prime Minister of Israel from March 2001 until April 2006.

His military involvements involved various controversies, such being the founder and commander of the "Unit 101" that was involved in "reprisal" operations and his responsibility as Minister of Defense for the Sabra and Shatila massacre.

From the 1970s through to the 1990s, Sharon championed construction of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. However, as Prime Minister, in 2004–05 Sharon orchestrated Israel's unilateral disengagement from the Gaza Strip. He had been expected to win the next election and was widely interpreted as planning on "clearing Israel out of most of the West Bank", in a series of unilateral withdrawals. However, he is stated to have suffered a stroke in 2006, remaining in a permanent vegetative state until his death in 2014.

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