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Erich Gliebe, Dr. Pierce's successor

Erich Josef Gliebe (born ca. 1963) is a former Chairman of the National Alliance, a White nationalist organization. Gliebe became Chairman of the organization in July 2002 after the death of its founder Dr. William Pierce, briefly passed control to Shaun Walker in April 2005, and resumed the office after Walker's departure in July 2006. His tenure was marked by precipitous decline in the organization; facing a lawsuit from former members, he resigned in favor of Will Williams in October 2014.

Gliebe was formerly a professional boxer and tool-and-die maker. He boxed under the moniker of "The Aryan Barbarian." Gliebe's activity in racial nationalism was inspired by his father, who served in the German Wehrmacht in World War II.

National Alliance

Erich Gliebe joined the National Alliance in 1990 and became leader of its Cleveland unit. The Cleveland Unit was one of the National Alliance's oldest unites. In July 2013 the Cleveland Unit held its 264th consecutive monthly meeting, and has been active under Gliebe's leadership for 22 years.[1] Gliebe was successful in expanding the Unit's activities and helped to organize European Folk festivals and White Power rock concerts in the Cleveland area. Erich Gliebe was later appointed by Dr. Pierce to run the White-power music label Resistance Records after the National Alliance bought full ownership of it in 1999.

Dr. Pierce's successor

After Pierce's death in July 2002, Gliebe was appointed Chairman by the National Alliance's Board of Directors. Gliebe was not a hand-picked successor, but was highly praised by Dr. Pierce in the National Alliance Bulletin for his activism in recruiting new members and successfully running Resistance Records.

However, as Chairman his leadership was panned as unenthusiastic.[2] Furthermore, Gliebe refused to leave his suburban Cleveland home to reside in the National Alliance headquarters in West Virginia. As early as 2004 he floated the idea of selling the headquarters.[3]

Membership began to decline and Gliebe, under pressure, resigned turning the Chairmanship--with the acquiescence of a diminished Board of Directors--over to Shaun Walker in April 2005. Later Walker resigned his position on July 4, 2006 after being charged and later imprisoned for Civil Rights violations. After Walker’s resignation Gliebe once again became Chairman of the National Alliance.

In April 2009, it was revealed that Gliebe's name was on the list of individuals banned from entering the United Kingdom.[4]

In June 2013 Gliebe went ahead with putting the headquarters of the by then largely disintegrated group on the market, leading some enraged former Alliance members to call him a "thief".[5] The former members rallied around former San Francisco Unit Jim Ring, and formed the National Alliance Reform and Restoration Group, intent on stopping the property sales and reclaiming the alliance from Gliebe. Entangled in a lawsuit and unable to acquire further funds, Gliebe announced his resignation on October 24, 2014, declaring Will Williams, a veteran White nationalist already running a re-founded rival National Alliance since 2013, the new Chairman.

Under Gliebe’s leadership as Chairman, National Alliance membership plummeted, and the group is a shadow of its former self. Still residing in the Cleveland area, away from the National Alliance's offices in West Virginia, he maintains ties with his son from a pervious marriage and the German-American community.


Gliebe is a 1981 graduate of Normandy High School in Parma, Ohio. He is divorced with one son.

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