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Not to be confused with the White Youth Alliance

The National Youth Alliance (NYA) was a nationalist, White racialist political organization. It was the successor to the group Youth for Wallace and the predecessor to the National Alliance. The group's original goals were stated as, "the opposing of the use of drugs on college campuses; the naturalization of black power; the preserving of western civilization and the expulsion of communists from college campuses."[1]


The prominent American nationalist publisher Willis Carto, head of the Liberty Lobby, founded the NYA on November 15, 1968 at the Army and Navy Club in Washington, DC. The NYA emerged from an earlier group connected to Carto known as the Youth for Wallace, which had supported segregationist Governor George Wallace's bid for president as American Independent Party candidate in 1968.

On January 25, 1969 a NYA meeting was held at Conley’s Motel near Monroeville, Penneslavania where National Socialist supporters along with Willis Carto stage a coup and gain control of the group from the young conservatives--many of whom were part of the Wallace movement.[2] The National Youth Alliance was incorporated March 5. 1969 in Washington DC.[3] Carto placed former John Birch Society organizer Louis T. Byers as the head of the group in their new offices at 1346 Connecticut Avenue near Dupont Circle in Washington DC. Membership was restricted to those under 30, however there were five appointed advisors above that age. The group published a paper called ATTACK! and an internal news bulletin ACTION.

Board of Advisors

Early ideology

The racialist writings of Francis Parker Yockey served as the philosophical basis for the early National Youth Alliance. Yockey's best-known book, Imperium, was especially adopted as a kind of unofficial manifesto.

The group used the mathematical sign denoting inequality on lapel buttons and the slogan: Free men are not equal...Equal men are not free.

William Pierce and the rise of the National Alliance

One of the most notable members of the National Youth Alliance was Dr. William Luther Pierce, previously a prominent figure in the National Socialist White People's Party (NSWPP) which was founded George Lincoln Rockwell. Pierce joined the National Youth Alliance in December 1970 after leaving the NSWPP in August. His first articles for their newspaper ATTACK! were penned under the name "Luther Williams."

By this time, the NYA had splintered into several different factions, some still claiming loyalty to Carto. One splinter group was called Youth Action. Another dissident group continued to claim the name National Youth Alliance under the leadership of Patrick Tifer in Center Line, Michigan.[5] At this time Tifer was issuing a publication called Centerline and identified himself as chairman of the group.[6]

Eventually the Pierce faction won out and the NYA was charted in the commonwealth of Virginia October 14, 1970.[7] Dr. Pierce apparently objected to some of Yockey's historical analysis and dropped Imperium as their ideological framework. Under Dr. Pierce's leadership the National Youth Alliance changed thier name to the National Alliance in 1974 and would go on to become one of the largest and most prominent White Nationalist organizations in America.

It should be noted that Willis Carto and William Pierce were always rivals and were never associated with the same National Youth Alliance organization.

Office headquarters

  • 1346 Connecticut Avenue, Washington DC (January, 1969)
  • 1656 33rd Street NW Washington DC (late 1970)
  • 1022 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 2012, Arlington, Virginia (August 1972)
  • 703 South 23rd Street, Arlington, Virginia (charted as the National Alliance February 26, 1974)[8]

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