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White nationalism is nationalism for proud identitarian whites.


Supporters see themselves supporting the legitimate rights and interests of whites in societies that are increasingly biased in favor of non-whites and in which non-whites openly support their own group rights and interests. According to Samuel Francis, it is "a movement that rejects equality as an ideal and insists on an enduring core of human nature transmitted by heredity." He also argued that the genetics of Europeans were the root of the civilization created by Europeans and that European civilization cannot be fully transmitted to non-Europeans.

White nationalism opposes the trend regarding white demographics and the argued associated negative effects, such as those discussed in the articles on Ethnic heterogeneity, Race and crime, Race and intelligence, and Countries and intelligence. White separatism is often supported.


White nationalists argue that every nationality feels a natural affection for its own kind. Thus, they believe in a common identity, common interests, and common political action for whites.

The politically correct view is that such nationalism is merely an artificial social construct that was created to support the emergence of the modern centralized states in the West.

This is a problematic view, since human have always strongly supported groups such as tribes/peoples and such groups have everywhere and throughout human history differentiated themselves from other groups, by using a wide variety of methods including language, origin stories, culture, and so on.

A less politically correct view is that nationalism has partially genetic causes. See the article on Racial genetic interests.

Also those arguing for partially genetic causes of nationalism state that here are (partially) non-genetic aspects, such as preferences for different customs, languages, clothing, food, and so on. However, such different preferences may to some degree be influenced by genetic differences. Furthermore, increasing the differentiation of a group from other groups by cultural markers, even if these markers are to some degree arbitrary, may have served the genetic interest of the group, for reasons such as increasing group cohesion/cooperation and by making it easier to quickly spot non-group intruders.

See also the article on Race, Arguments regarding the existence of races, and Europeans on genetic support for existence of races.

Simultaneous support for different groups

In a historical context, white nationalism has been particularly prominent in the United States, which has long had large non-white populations as well as immigrants from many different European countries. White nationalist views have been argued to have been held by the mainstream American leaders before the 1950s.[1]

European nationalism tended to be primarily based on the different European countries, which have had a long history of competition and conflicts, and where non-whites were much rarer than in the United States. However, for reasons such as the increased threats to all Europeans and changing white demographics, there has been an increasing emphasis on common white nationalism also in Europe. Also, even when nationalism focused on the different European countries was as its peak, there was still emphasis on common European aspects, such as the heritage from Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, the European civilization, and the European race.

It is possible to simultaneously support both broader groups (such as whites generally) and more narrow groups in particular (such as the whites one is more closely related to). Similarly, it is possible to simultaneously support whites generally and to be particularly supportive of relatives. Such differing support for differently related groups can be explained as it being in an individual's genetic interest to be more supportive of others as genetic similarity increases. See the articles on Racial genetic interests.

Genetic distances between Europeans are much smaller than genetic distances between major races.[2] This can be interpreted as Europeans being genetically similar and having common genetic interests, which may have contributed to white nationalism.

Racism and white supremacism

See the articles on racism and white supremacism.


  • The cancer of the system is the primacy of the money principle, and its background is the disregard for the natural order. The more the breakdowns accumulate, the more those in power will attack their critics. The use of the means of power is the only admirable thing about them. Open resistance is therefore a waste of energy. The ruling powers consume and destroy themselves because the spirit eludes them. The call today is:
    • 1) Become invisible!
    • 2) Observe, recognize the signs!
    • 3) Increase knowledge and spread it among friends!
    • 4) Don't forget the smell of freedom! – Alois Mitterer, in: Signs and indications – Political tactics in the new millennium (final words), Deutschherrenklub (DHK), 2001

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