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ATTACK! was the tabloid newspaper of the National Youth Alliance (NYA)--later named National Alliance--which first appeared in the Fall of 1969. In April 1978 ATTACK! became National Vanguard tabloid. The first few issues of ATTACK! was under the editorship of Louis Byers, thereafter Dr. William Pierce took over the paper and the National Youth Alliance.

Dr. Pierce from the start took the NYA paper in a radical revolutionary direction. The Summer of 1971 issue had the editorial Why Revolution?[1] [2] and began a series of nine bomb-making and weapons-related articles titled "Revolutionary Notes".[3]

In addition to subscriptions, ATTACK! tabloid newspapers were sold on the streets of Washington DC from maintained vending racks. The ten or so racks were located in the vicinity of Vermont Avenue and K Street.[4]


Within each issue of ATTACK! was a statement of objectives:

Our members are working to build a revolutionary new order of things in American life--a new order based on natural laws.
We want to develop in America a healthy cultural and racial approach to politics reflecting an understanding of authority, discipline, duty, and honor.
We want to achieve an organic society which will not only protect and perpetuate the great, traditional values of Western civilization but will purify the Western world of the degeneracy of communism and liberalism.
We want to secure for our people control over our own destiny by eliminating from the nerve centers of our society every anti-American and anti-Western influence.
We want to safeguard our racial identity by putting an end to the present insanity of enforced racial integration, which is threatening all involved with social chaos, cultural dissolution, and racial death.
We want to foster among our people, though the recapture of our information media and our educational system, a new spiritual outlook: the outlook of free men living and working in harmony with Nature.
We want to make possible for our people a new way of live, a meaningful and satisfying way of life as opposed to the present rat race in which every man and every woman exists simply as an exploitable economic unit.
We want our country, one day to have a sane policy toward the other nations of the world, in place of the self-destructive idiocy which presently passes for American foreign policy. We need a policy based on a recognition that our interests are bound up with those of the other peoples haring our common racial-cultural heritage, whether in Canada, Europe, southern Africa, Australia, or elsewhere, and that other races must develop in accord with their own distinct racial-cultural imperatives--without help or hindrance from us except where such development poses a distinct threat to our own security.[5]

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