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Dennis Warren Nix (born November 12, 1945) was the associate editor to the National Alliance publication Attack! and illustrator for the first edition of The Turner Diaries.[1] He joined the Alliance in August 1974 and became a staff member of that organization the following November.[2]

Nix was from the St Louis, Missouri area and worked in a steel mill. In early 1974 he was the leader of the local unit of the NSWPP[3] and ran the party's bookstore called the White Power Information Center.[4] He also ran an ad hoc group called Save the White Prisoners to improve living conditions for White inmates in St. Louis’s jail.[5]

Dennis Nix and his local unit had a falling out with the national leadership of the NSWPP over control of the St. Louis bookstore. For a while they became an independent unit adopting the old American Nazi Party name.[6] Shortly thereafter, most of the members of the local unit, including Nix, joined the National Alliance.