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TRUD!: From the White Underground (ca. 1969-1970) was a revolutionary Yockeyan publication issued by Douglas T. Kaye and John Sullivan. Both Kaye and Sullivan were contributors to the anti-Jewish nationalist newspaper Common Sense.

TRUD! had a rough-style magazine format which was pro-Russian and anti-American imperialism. The magazine adopted its name from the Soviet trade union paper. The editors of TRUD! claimed the name stood for Terror Removes Unwanted Democracy. In a letter to subscribers the editors elaborate:

TRUD! Listen to that word! Listen to the sound of TRUD! It’s the sound of a police club crushing the skull of a ghetto rioter or student anarchist. TRUD! the sound of a boot kicking the backside of a pinko college professor. TRUD! the sound of a peacenik being strangled.

TRUD! was published by Nordland Press, Essex Fells, New Jersey. In 1971 Nordland Press also published Yockey: Four Essays.[1]

Back issues are available at the Columbia University Library Archival Collection.[2]


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