American Nazi Party (1959-1966)

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The flag and symbol used by the American Nazi Party that was taken from the NSDAP and edited with a blue globe in the middle
For other uses, see American Nazi Party (disambiguation)
Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell holds a news conference in Arlington, Virginia, in 1965
Campaign flyers of George Lincoln Rockwell’s bid for Governor of Virginia in 1965

The American Nazi Party also ANP was an early post-war National Socialist political party founded by George Lincoln Rockwell. In 1967 the party's name was changed to the National Socialist White People’s Party (NSWPP). Before the ANP was formed Rockwell operated under the name The National Committee to Free America from Jewish Domination.


Party Headquarters

The ANP had three addresses in Arlington, Virginia. Prior to the formation of the party Rockwell and financial supporter Harold N. Arrowsmith, Jr. organized the "National Committee to Free America from Jewish Domination" in a house located at 6512 Williamsburg Blvd., Arlington, Virginia.

  • 928 North Randolph Street was a house bought and donated by supporter Floyd Fleming.
  • 6150 Wilson Boulevard was a two-story house in the Dominion Hills district of Arlington which became the "Stormtrooper Barracks." Locals dubbed it "The House on Hatemonger Hill." It has since been razed and the property incorporated into the Upton Hill Regional Park.
  • 2507 North Franklin Road which is now a coffee shop called "The Java Shack." This location was obtained after Rockwell's assassination and after the ANP became the NSWPP.

Officers and staff

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