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Floyd Fleming was an American segregationist active in racial politics. He is most known for his support of George Lincoln Rockwell.

From Segregationist to Rockwellite

A native of the Washington D.C. area, Fleming was initially active with the segregationist Seaboard White Citizens Council. By 1960, he had come into the inner circle of the emerging Rockwell movement, which was also taking root in the Washington area. (See Chronology of George Lincoln Rockwell).

Benefactor of the Rockwell Movement

Second only to Harold Arrowsmith, Jr., Fleming was largely responsible for the Rockwell movement getting off the ground.


In 1960, Rockwell's group acquired a new office and headquarters, located at 928 North Randolph Street in Arlington, Virginia (outside of Washington, DC). The group was in its fledgling stages, as it was only renamed "The American Nazi Party" the very same year. The house which served as this office/headquarters was bought by Floyd Fleming for $21,500.[1]


Floyd Fleming was an important source of funding for the party's operations. It was estimated that he contributed between $35,000 and $50,000 from January 1960 to August 1967[2], which in 2009 dollars (adjusting for inflation) would be $250,000 to $350,000.[3]


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