American Nazi Party

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American Nazi Party
New Order
New American Nazi Party Flag.png
Political position Rockwellian National Socialism
Esoteric Hitlerism
Leader George Lincoln Rockwell
Matt Koehl
Country United States
Existence 1959–present
Headquarters New Berlin, Wisconsin
Affiliation World Union of National Socialists

The American Nazi Party (ANP) was a National Socialist political organisation in the United States founded by George Lincoln Rockwell in 1959. The organisation has used several different names during its history, including the National Socialist White People’s Party just before the death of Rockwell. The World Union of National Socialists was founded for similar movements across the world in 1962. The successor of Rockwell was Matt Koehl who changed the party into an esoteric organisation under the name of New Order in 1983; the ANP still exists in this form.


The organisation has used several different names during its history. Originally the organisation was known as the National Committee to Free America from Jewish Control upon foundation in 1957 and at this point did not use NSDAP imagery. The name of the party was changed to the American Nazi Party.

The year that Rockwell was murdered in 1967 it changed its name to the National Socialist White People’s Party. Technically the organisation still exists under Rockwell's official successor Matt Koehl who changed its name to New Order in 1983 and moved the offices to New Berlin, Wisconsin.




George Lincoln Rockwell was assassinated on 25 August 1967, the year that the party changed their name, by former party member John Patler. The party continued under the leadership of Matt Koehl. In keeping with the new direction, Rockwell adopted the slogan “White Power” repalcing “Sieg Heil” as a rallying cry. The new strategy would be to capitalize on growing support in the wake of sucessful rallies in Chicago and to focus the organization’s commitment to a universal white nationalism as opposed to Nordic or Anglo-Saxon provincialism. An internal party newsletter, the National Socialist Bulletin, was started to convey and help direct these new efforts.

On June 9-11, 1967, the party held its national conference in Arlington aimed at reorganizing its leadership and “charting a new course of professionalism.” In July, 1967, The ANP party publication The Stormtrooper magazine was replaced by a newspaper titled White Power. Some within the NSWPP opposed this new ideological direction. The party’s youth branch was the National Socialist Youth Movement.

New Order

In November 1982, Koehl announced a change the direction of the NSWPP and changed the name of the organisation to New Order a quasi-religious group that revered Adolf Hitler. New Order regards itself as a spiritual, rather than political movement also influenced by the writings of George Lincoln Rockwell, Miguel Serrano and Savitri Devi.

Party headquarters

The ANP had three addresses in Arlington, Virginia. Prior to the formation of the party Rockwell and financial supporter Harold N. Arrowsmith, Jr. organized the "National Committee to Free America from Jewish Domination" in a house located at 6512 Williamsburg Blvd., Arlington, Virginia.

  • 928 North Randolph Street was a house bought and donated by supporter Floyd Fleming.
  • 6150 Wilson Boulevard was a two-story house in the Dominion Hills district of Arlington which became the "Stormtrooper Barracks." Locals dubbed it "The House on Hatemonger Hill." It has since been razed and the property incorporated into the Upton Hill Regional Park.
  • 2507 North Franklin Road. This location was obtained after Rockwell's assassination and after the ANP became the NSWPP.

In 1962 the party headquarters in Chicago was located at 2124 North Damen Avenue. By 1966 the headquarters had moved to 1314 W. Ohio Street.

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