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Not to be confused with Robert Lloyd, Florida musician and nationalist radio bloger.

Robert Allison Lloyd III (born ca. 1945) was a member of George Lincoln Rockwell's American Nazi Party (ANP) and later executive officer of the renamed National Socialist White People’s Party (NSWPP). Lloyd had been a captain in the stormtroops unit but left a year before Rockwell's assassination.[1] After the assassination, he returned at the request of Matt Koehl but left the party again around 1970 and became National Organizer of the reorganized National Youth Alliance under the direction of Dr. William Pierce.

Before he meet Rockwell, Lloyd was a beatnik in Richmond, Virginia who started a coffee house called the "Mule Shack".[2]

Party shenanigans

Lloyd is best know for a political stunt on the floor of the US House of Representatives. On January 4, 1965 he evaded Congressional security and went to the Men’s room applied blackface makeup and undressed wearing black tights and a fur loincloth. He then ran onto the House floor, donned a stovepipe hat, and declared in Negro dialect, "I'se de Mississippi delegation. I'se demand to be seated". He then began to dance about acting like an ape. The stunt was a mockery of Fannie Lou Hamer’s earlier attempt to be seated in Congress after wining a fake congressional election consisting largly of Black Mississippi voters. It was the first time a demonstration was successful on the floor of the House of Representatives.[3] The police fined him $20 for disorderly conduct.[4]

This was his third act of disobedience. On October 23, 1963 he disrupted a meeting at American University. On June 24, 1964 at a Negro youth dinner he turned loose a box of mice. Both acts brought him $10 fines.

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